02 July, 2012

Exciting times ahead

Hehehe, the holidays are soon upon us, my kids have finished their proper work and today it's bring home all their work day, tomorrow they have a day at the local lake with picnic, games and fun. Finally on Thursday it's the last day and apart from taking in some games and playing with their friends, there's nothing doing.

My exciting news is.....
I'm doing the Bowls with Borders blog hop :O))))

 I fell in love with the paper pieced bowls when I saw them on Sew I Quilt now  
It'll be my first finished piece blog hop and I'm hoping to get a head start before I go away, perhaps i'll make a start as soon as I've finished this post...
I'm hoping to do a long wall hanging like Madame Samm did as we have a spare bit of wall under the stairs that needs something, it'll hopefully look something like this

My second piece of exciting news is that I'm joining a bee... (deep breath) I'm petrified, stressed and already sweating at the thought of having to provide perfect blocks... although I have warned people I may make them bigger and get them to cut them down lolol...
There's a group of Expats who mostly met up at FQR, I'm in awe at the people I'll be joining and it'll be challenging for me to have to move my game up.
Need to be thinking about what block i'll be wanting to choose when it's my turn, I really like a Paper pieced idea but think i'll just go with a theme.
Anyway, that's my exciting news for today :)
Have a fantastic one

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  1. Very exciting indeed!
    I'm very curious what it means: the blog hop, I mean. I'll be patient ...
    The bee will be great! Haven't got a clue how or what, but it'll be fun and we'll learn something new!

  2. you will be fine at the bee being with like minded quilters is very inspiring enjoy. Like the paper piecing bowls looks like fun.

  3. you will love it ... just take your time and have FUN!!

  4. Enjoy the bee. I am sure that it will be a blast. What are you calling it?
    Di x

  5. You are so busy I'm surprised you have time to do anything!


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