15 July, 2012

Call for help and Vomit Scraps

Hi All,
I'm back from holiday and have lots of catching up to do... my fat eighth bundle arrived and its yummy, so yummy...need to find a suitable pattern now, I haven't got a Christmas quilt, lots of wall hangings and table runners but not a quilt in sight.

Lots of projects on the go, mostly hand stuff and some paper piecing I want to get started but it's difficult with the kids at home... Tuesday's they are at summer school for the day so it's becoming sewing day, dh can find his own lunch and I'm just going to be in my sewing room without the computer so I actually get something done.

I'm going to start a vomit quilt too,  Katy is going to start a SV4 here care-for-some-scrap-vomit and luckily the sizzix has a 2.5" strip die that I've adapted to make 2.5" squares from ;o) so I'm going to be busy cutting from my stash... I'm on the hunt for some more vomit squares, if anyone could find it in their hearts to donate some to me I'd be happy to swop fabric back with you.  I do want fugly, ugly scraps as I love the idea of a vomit quilt lolol... I'm planning on making the smaller one but need 965 2.5" squares of vomit :O)
Does anyone else fancy joining us ??? I'm not rushing to start/finish mine, it's going to be a I want to chain piece today quilt :O)

Today, I'm going to lay out my hexi globe and hope I've glue basted all the bits I need to, so I can start joining them

Have a Super Sunday :)

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  1. I'll have a package on its way to you soo with something else in it so I will add what I can of vomit.

  2. Mail me your address Pippa and I'll send you some colourful scraps.

  3. Oh Cindy (fluffy sheep quilting) had a lot of squares left from her community quilt that she wanted to get rid of, I think they were 2" but it might be worth checking.


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