31 July, 2012

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

Yes today is the day, no more sleeps, I'm off to England for the week. Clothes packed, camera, passport and hexi globe all packed :O)  Sock Monkey is also coming apparently, I made him last month and DS has adopted him,
Yes I know his ears aren't where they should be and yes his ribbon has been well and truly loved.....

I'm currently watching Team GB in the showjumping and then after lunch it's time to leave for the airport.  I sent the kids to summer school for the day to give me a last chance to sew.

And my flimsy finish of Zig Zag.... It's crazy daisy fabric that I bought from Fat Quarter shop and even though i'm a bit gutted, I thought kona snow was whiter than kona white and didn't twig it properly until I'd made all the HST's and I wasn't going to unpick it. The Crazy daisy is white with pink and a very white white, so it does look a bit weird but perhaps it's the slight contrast it needed.
Do you think it should have a border ??? I originally bought this for the border
but now i'm not sure it needs it, perhaps just for the binding and maybe the back ???

I'm hoping to get to blog at some point over the holiday but I'm afraid it might be kids pics or perhaps some of the yummys that have arrived at my mum's, I hear there are sizzix dies *what me ???* and some fabric squares and I'm sure there might be another die that hasn't yet arrived....could it be the cute owl, so i'll be bringing back hexagons, owls and 2.5" square, did I tell you I love my big shot :)

So Au revoir, see you soon, goodbye and pray for good weather

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27 July, 2012

Olympic opening ceremony

I've bribed the kids with an afternoon nap so they can stay up and watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, not sure we'll be able to stay awake but we can try.  I'm hoping that it all goes off without a hitch, it's good for the UK and I'm feeling quite patriotic this year, usually I'm not in the least and class myself as an European. I think the young royals are also incredibly good for the country and to see them yesterday, playing table tennis and seeming to be so at home with the *ordinary* folk....can't wait to see the photo's of Harry admiring the beach volley girls...lolol...

Amelia and I spent the morning making the *Olympic stadium and flame*
The queen is lighting our cauldron, and she's wearing suitable royal toga :)  Our stadium has the 2012 logo but due to copyright issues i've blacked it out in the photo's, don't want the committee after me.

 I'm quite impressed with my interlocking rings, you can't see the joins and they are all in the correct order...wowow, they are now making medals, gold, bronze and silver to wear while watching...

Look at the yummy scraps I got from betty for my vomit quilt, I don't think they are vomit inducing at all, can you see the little fried eggs ??? so sweet

and I've finished my August round robin block (can't show you as it's top secret) lolol....
I went shopping the other day and bought a cigarette bin, dh said wth did u buy that for ??? ?don't you think it makes a great bin for my rubbish ??? and at the top i'm going to make a pin cushion and the little blue/turquoise bin is going to be my scrap bin,
 I'm going to then cut them up to 2.5" for my vomit quilt before they go into the big scrap bin :)
see there is some form of method in my madness...
Will let you know tomorrow what time I last until :O)

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24 July, 2012

Say Hello Kitty

The Hello Kitty block is finished...phew,
All in I think it's about 6 hours !!!! for one block, this PP sure does take up time or is it that i'm incredibly slow ???
I enlarged the pattern (you can get it here at lilijabs ) so it finished at 12 inches, perfect cushion size or as Amelia requested a bag.... I'm hoping she decides cushion but we'll see later when she gets home.

I'm off to another hospital visit....2 in two days each being 60kms away is tiring...will be so glad to get to England for a rest lolol...
But the hexi globe has been travelling with me on my adventures,

Happy Monday :O) oh and I might link up this post to manic monday while i'm at it :)

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18 July, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I've been busy at the sewing machine most of yesterday and have got lots of WIP.  I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced

I got busy and made some more bowls, I'm thinking I may add some other kitchen utensils to make a small wall hanging, the colours are growing on me and although not as poppy as some of them, they match my kitchen perfectly so they are staying lolol...

I've been really busy with my hexagon globe, I've glue basted them all and I'm starting the long long sewing together part, all 125 pieces... Jacques thinks it's a multicoloured football lolol.. this is the back side obviously

and finally, I'm half way through Amelia's paper pieced Hello Kitty, I wanted to put some borders on and make it into a little wall hanging or perhaps a big cushion, she seems to want to make it into a bag.. we'll see :)

and finally, the kids were at summer school and made these cute little bottle piggies and helicopter, please say hello to pinky pig and henry helicopter...

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15 July, 2012

Call for help and Vomit Scraps

Hi All,
I'm back from holiday and have lots of catching up to do... my fat eighth bundle arrived and its yummy, so yummy...need to find a suitable pattern now, I haven't got a Christmas quilt, lots of wall hangings and table runners but not a quilt in sight.

Lots of projects on the go, mostly hand stuff and some paper piecing I want to get started but it's difficult with the kids at home... Tuesday's they are at summer school for the day so it's becoming sewing day, dh can find his own lunch and I'm just going to be in my sewing room without the computer so I actually get something done.

I'm going to start a vomit quilt too,  Katy is going to start a SV4 here care-for-some-scrap-vomit and luckily the sizzix has a 2.5" strip die that I've adapted to make 2.5" squares from ;o) so I'm going to be busy cutting from my stash... I'm on the hunt for some more vomit squares, if anyone could find it in their hearts to donate some to me I'd be happy to swop fabric back with you.  I do want fugly, ugly scraps as I love the idea of a vomit quilt lolol... I'm planning on making the smaller one but need 965 2.5" squares of vomit :O)
Does anyone else fancy joining us ??? I'm not rushing to start/finish mine, it's going to be a I want to chain piece today quilt :O)

Today, I'm going to lay out my hexi globe and hope I've glue basted all the bits I need to, so I can start joining them

Have a Super Sunday :)

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09 July, 2012


Blogging from my phone so don't expect much, the kids and I arrived Friday afternoon, lovely weather great family site, got Motorhome unpacked, remarkably the satellite up and on correct one.... Saturday afternoon resulted in amelia falling off her bike, thought she would need stitches. So pack van up, drive to hospital in big town, small roads, big camper and me driving... Parking in hospital not easiest thing... She has gravel rash and hole in ankle which was bandaged up and cannot get wet for all our holiday.... So no swimming, poor love. Not much sewing for me but the kids and I have been glue basting hexies. Time to go, my beers getting warm lolol

03 July, 2012

Bowls perhaps not stacking

Do these look right to you, this is exactly how the pattern shows them, but in every other picture I've seen the bowls are all the other way round...
Either i'm doing it wrong or the other people are sewing on the pattern lines and effectively reversing them....
I'm enjoying it though, want to get on and make more but not until I find out if they are right or not...

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02 July, 2012

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: The best give-away at The Victorian Motto Sampler ...

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: The best give-away at The Victorian Motto Sampler ...:                  

Theres a very big thread giveaway, if you enter please say I sent you :)
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Exciting times ahead

Hehehe, the holidays are soon upon us, my kids have finished their proper work and today it's bring home all their work day, tomorrow they have a day at the local lake with picnic, games and fun. Finally on Thursday it's the last day and apart from taking in some games and playing with their friends, there's nothing doing.

My exciting news is.....
I'm doing the Bowls with Borders blog hop :O))))

 I fell in love with the paper pieced bowls when I saw them on Sew I Quilt now  
It'll be my first finished piece blog hop and I'm hoping to get a head start before I go away, perhaps i'll make a start as soon as I've finished this post...
I'm hoping to do a long wall hanging like Madame Samm did as we have a spare bit of wall under the stairs that needs something, it'll hopefully look something like this

My second piece of exciting news is that I'm joining a bee... (deep breath) I'm petrified, stressed and already sweating at the thought of having to provide perfect blocks... although I have warned people I may make them bigger and get them to cut them down lolol...
There's a group of Expats who mostly met up at FQR, I'm in awe at the people I'll be joining and it'll be challenging for me to have to move my game up.
Need to be thinking about what block i'll be wanting to choose when it's my turn, I really like a Paper pieced idea but think i'll just go with a theme.
Anyway, that's my exciting news for today :)
Have a fantastic one

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