29 June, 2012

New Toy

Sometimes I get days where I just don't feel right, not anything I can properly put my finger on just out of sorts, am supposed to be going to Patchwork for an evening meal but am going to cry off... I am taking some of my cushions and wall hangings for them to decide if they want to use them or not.
Well, the car had to go in to the garage and I popped to do my shopping, the sales are on, so I treated myself to a cheapie new camera 40e for a 14mp one with HD video...if I can work out how to use it properly and take better photo's, perhaps the will finishes will seem better :)

These were all 2mp, must try take  14mp one of the cat, I did of my dh and you could see the drops of sweat on his brow...ewwww

Finish it up Friday and finish a long post can wait until later, but I did finish the winter stitchery and the ET cushion yesterday and made a pouch and pencil case for the teachers on Wednesday... so a really good finish week :)

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  1. Great finishes and great pictures!

  2. looking forwards to lots of wonderful pictures xx

  3. Yay for a new camera!

    Your paper pieced block cushions look fab!


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