18 June, 2012

Jolly June

It's supposed to be flaming June isn't it...well it's semi hot here, semi cold, sometimes windy, sometimes cloudy, luckily it seems to be raining in the evening and we're getting dry days so at least the washing's getting dry.

I'm trying to get back into the sewing/blogging mojo but it's difficult atm, school, footie matches, work, paperwork and life are getting in the way a bit.
Clare came last week for a mini retreat, we talked quilts, we flicked through books and we quilted one of her quilts on the frame...once she's hidden the threads and bound it, I'm hoping she'll share a piccie with us.
she gave me some charm squares and i've tumbler cut them to hopefully make into a pillow

I've been really busy with EPPing... I finished the snowball block and have been busy with hexagons, I'm sewing them up and was going to make 6 wineglass coasters but am now thinking some Christmas Day placemats, have ordered some tiny sample pieces of Linen to see if the reds match..wouldn't they look cute.

I've received all my winnings from the Sew Mama Sew giveaways,

the lovely 241 tote, the snappy pouch and the yummy fabric from Happy Zombie.

Amelia was very pleased with the fabric and we're thinking a gnome/santa hanging thing might be in order... or a biggggggg family cushion with the gnomes

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  1. well done your winnings look great x

  2. I still reckon you could make Father Christmas shaped cushions with a flat bottom so they stand up.


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