04 June, 2012

FQ Sunday

Slightly hungover, massively tired (exhausted) and looking forward to the next classes, the air of excitement seemed more subdued with people chatting and stitching and not the all our squeeling of the previous day but my class with Brioni was really interesting, some great girls and some good tips, she even taught me how to square up my blocks (yeahhhh) well hopefully I'll remember :O)
I got to try the Pfaff machines that they'd loaned to the retreat, on the whole they were nice but  my Janome still has more to offer me so i'll be sticking, even though we got £100 voucher off.

I practically got the placemat top finished and it needs some trimming, quilting, backing and binding...so that was a good achievement and something i'd like to do more off and try and be slightly more accurate in my piecing but something I learn't over the weekend, it really doesn't matter and I need to chill pill more.

This is going to be a Christmas placemat and I think it'd be great in all different fabrics and combo's.

After lunch and an impromptu quick half hour with trudi giving us some great tips on FMQ it was time for John's class.  I was quite relieved I hadn't signed up for something that involved alot of measuring and accuracy because I was totally whacked and straight lines wasn't going to happen anyway.
John is such a great guy, he was walking round with Hunter in his arms, a totally natural dad.  I've learn't how to wonk and I really found I enjoyed it, think maybe a scrappy wonky quilt might be on the list in the future, my block definitely wonked big time !!!

The retreat was really well organised, people gelled really well, not surprising as we all had the same hobby/job in common and we love what we do, what's not to like.  Prizes and giveaways were fantastic, the FQ guys out of this world, so down to earth, lovely, happy, gorgeous people. I've met people I've followed (stalked) for months and probably years that I never imagined in my wildest dreams I'd get to meet and it's definitely a weekend not to forget :)

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  1. thank you so much for sharing your fun time (one post for all posts!!) I am GREEN with envy at the wonderful time you all had xx so many memories ... and fun things to pour over and touch ... and remember some more xx

  2. Pippa it was lovely to meet you at the retreat and maybe next year we'll be lucky in the raffle!! :)

  3. It was lovely to meet you at the weekend. I'm glad we travelled up together - on the way back I did some EPP. It was the same Tea man on the train, but this time he had no tea! But he was still ever so friendly.
    I didn't win anything in the raffle either!


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