04 June, 2012

FQ Saturday

Saturday dawned, bright and early and we all made our way to Baden Powell House.  We got welcomed by Katy, Brioni, Tacha, John (who hadn't been out of the States before) Lu, Lynne and these yummy scrummy goodie bags.... HOW DELISH ARE THESE !!!!

There was indeed oakshott, aurifil, loads of London Kaufman fabrics, elastic, threads, badges and the dotty fabric, the whales and the sewing stuff was from the Fat Quarter swop that took place just before I took this picture.

It was very noisy in the hall with ohhh you her !!! oh I remember that bag...oh your from that blog.

My first class was Tacha's paper piecing, I was sat next to Nicole and the youngest FQ Gang, Hunter... Nicole is so lovely but please, do not ask her to cut you out diamonds lolol....(private joke).
 I got distracted though by sizzix who were in the hall demoing, and low and behold they had the HEXAGON dies...the ones you can't actually buy in the UK !!!! so I discussed why bother advertising things you can't get and why aren't they selling more dies... and she was so nice and told me she's going to let me know the minute the hexagon (next month) dies come in, we'd got given a joy mini mini charm pack and she offered to cut me the charm pack's worth of diamonds and the smaller papers :O) they are very small but will make a nice Christmas table runner/pot holder. She also gave me some apple core cut outs because I said I couldn't sew the rounds and it wasn't worth me buying the die (more on this to come tomorrow) I returned back to EPP and I'd learn't alot of tips from Tacha and the rest of the group and scribbled them down in my notebook.

After lunch, I had some free time, Amy and I were preparing for zippered pouches, having a chat and she gave me one of her beautiful pottery pieces because i'd admired them on her blog and she's just a lovely person :) Lizzie came upto me and told me she'd remembered the english magazines, another lovely lady and clare and I will devour these and use them for many years to come I'm sure :)

The time came for Claudia's pouch class, I was petrified but she was very calm and made it all seem very simple, less than 60 minutes later (and some mistakes that I won't make again) my first every pouch with a zip.

The Fugly swop took place and that was so funny, there were some AWFUL Fugly's and some that I thought were really nice, isn't it good we all have such different tastes

 Followed by a quick stop for something to eat and a call to the family, it was time to go back for the Pub quiz...such entertainment and laughter. The royals even popped in to see us. John is Catherine and Katy makes a really lovely William :)
Somehow, I ended back at the hotel bar... moi ??? drinking alcohol, surely not :) and having a chat with the FQ gang, ana and Christine.

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  1. We sure will devour those magazines.

    Great post!

  2. haha those diamonds were perfectly fine to use (if you like a challenge and un picking a lot) :D


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