04 June, 2012

FQ Friday

WOW !!!! it's really all I can say.  I'm exhausted (hotels and sleep seem to be exclusive for me at the moment) but keep looking through the lovely goodies that I came back from London with and am sitting in bed listening to the Jubilee concert.

Friday started with me nearly missing my plane, I was 2 hours early in my excitement so decided to go to the fabric shop and buy Clare some rotary cutters and then I had to have a little look in the fabric bins,

, DOH !!! I'd forgotten I had to park the car and get tickets, checked in etc etc and the traffic had got really bad, so I had a heart wrenching 30 minutes of stress until I was finally in the departure lounge...lol...
Arrived in London and Dianne @Quiltova met me at arrivals at Stansted and we travelled up to London together, the time on the train flew as we chatted about the weekend to come, who we were going to meet and being expats :O)

Quick stop at the hotel, said hello to the Fat Quarterly crew, Lu,Amanda, Justine & Hunter, Susan, Leanne, Laura Christine ohhh and I'm sure there were others (sorry) and then decided to get Harrods and the kids pressie shopping out the way...

It looked lovely with the flags and loads of Jubilee stuff to buy and look at.

After a quick pit stop a trip to tikki london was called for, a really lovely packed full shop.  On the way I'd met Trudi,Cindy, Kat,Katy,Terri and Sarah, all the names started to blur and tiredness hit.  I then popped into the bar at the hotel and spent a nice hour chatting with Justine and Amanda, who are two of the most loveliest girlies and got prepared for the big event :O)
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  1. Bless you :-) Here's to our retreat next week (hic!)

  2. sounds like a great weekend so pleased you enjoyed it. Now all you need is time to fit in all that you want to make.

  3. it was a treat to meet you - so glad you had fun!

  4. So happy I met you Pippa - keep in touch :)

  5. Pippa, it was such a pleasure to finally meet you face to face. The only surprise was for some reason I didn't imagine that you were tall and that threw me a bit when I first met you. I thought we would be eye to eye and you were way taller than me (not difficult I know)!

  6. Hey bar ate, fab to meet you, see you next year!


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