25 June, 2012

Finally a finish

Finally, I've finished my EPP snowball block from FQ Retreat, I cheated and bought a faux suede cushion and appliqued the snowball on, not as easy as it sounds as the suede was all slippy...
Another cushion for the cat's to moult lovely black hair all over...need to keep it clean at least until the weekend as it's going in the patchwork club expo and i'm hoping to get the binding and the ends hidden on the teacher's tumbler wall hanging/table runner and it can go in the expo too.

I may be AWOL this week, I've got a horrendously busy couple of weeks before the kid's summer hols start and I've had a bad weekend with lots of kidney pain, the doc reported this morning i've got another kidney stone and the pain is just like labour... yes big OUCH !!!  so i'm drinking litres of water and on strong pain killers and anti inflammatories that make me feel like curling up on the settee and going to sleep... if only I had the time.

I need to make 2 pouches/pencil cases for the kids teachers too before next Thursday, so you'll understand i'm sure that I don't want to be sitting on the computer or even sewing tbh... plus the weather's due to be in the 30's this week, so probably too hot to do either :)

À bientôt

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