11 June, 2012

exhausted but happier

Pfff come back from England with phlegm and a chesty cough, oh well it's just the change of atmosphere, cold and wet in UK, hot and sunny in France...I was knackered for days, couldn't sew, couldn't clean just doing the weekly shop was enough, so after 2 nights of only 2 hours sleep and constant coughing, off to the docs I go...yup you've guessed it, I'm now on my 5th lot of anti bios since October, steroids again too *sigh, I may be sewing at 5am this week, although they do give me more energy whey hey* and have to have a sinus xray. I've got sinisitis again and as its chronic, they need to find out what and where it's blocked....deep joy eh ;) and you girlies know what comes with extra strong anti bios, so dh is to stay away and I've got something special to shove up...ewwww

Anyway onto the nicer things of this week, I progressed on my snowball block. I'm enjoying EPP when my brain or energy levels are low I pick it up and stitch. Going to start the hexagons probably on Tuesday when i'm waiting for Jacques at the speech therapist.

Then on Friday morning, I'm wandering round thinking, i'm so wasting my only sewing day this week by wallowing and coughing, so I got my bum in gear and made a zippered pouch !!!! yay !!! we didn't have the instructions, my memory wasn't what it should be and I posted a picture of the zip bit on Instagram, luckily someone commented that it didn't look right (I thought there was something dodgy) and I realised I'd sewn the zip towards the outside fabric not the lining on the very last stage, I unpicked, sewed it correctly and promptly filled it with hexagons, needle, thread and scissors. Amelia is on at me to make her one now, but I'm thinking perhaps I could try a pencil case so will need to look for some tutorials.

Yesterday was a no sew day, the footballer in the family had to go to the big town 60kms away to play in a big tournament, the father of said footballer claims to be allergic to football and so mummy to the rescue.
6 matches of 10 minutes each, 10 minutes rest and as only the french do, a gouter (snack) before the matches started, then a picnic dinner and rounded it all off with a fantastic firework display, arriving home with 2 asleep children at 11.30...a sore throat from screaming at the boy and cheering him on when he scored a goal, his team still lost 5 of the 6 matches but it's the taking part eh.

Tonight, I've been determined to sort out my apple core wall hanging, remember the lovely sizzix lady gave me 9 to sew up, well I know I took the piss out of someone saying about lightbulbs and sewing in a hotel room BUT when I got to Stansted on Sunday evening, I was in the B&B watching the jubilee and I couldn't go out because it was pissing down with rain, so I thought I know, I'm gonna hand sew those apple cores.... and I did ... but I was lucky because the lightbulb was perfectly good and I wasn't wishing I'd packed another one.
I digress....so I had a brain wave on Friday, sitting in the doctor's, I'm going to get my word play die out and cut, An apple a day keeps the doctor away in my apple fabric and applique them on.
So here it is

However, I did have massive problems with the die and I'm going to email the lovely sizzix lady and ask is it normal, when I got it out the packaging on my birthday I thought it looked a bit weird, all the foam was up and down and not flat, there was bits of foam being cut, my cutting pads are covered in black slivers of foam and it wasn't cutting more than 1 piece of cotton, the steam 2 seam glue bit and top sheet, doesn't look right does it...

Anyway, its now ready for batting, backing and some FMQ to finish it off, i'm not appliquing (sp???) around all those tiny letters.

 Clare from the Dordogne quilter and I are having a mini retreat Wed through to Friday, we're chatting, drinking, swopping fabric and mags, hopefully quilting one of her quilts on the frame and generally having a good time :)  can't wait

Happy Sunday 

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  1. So pleased that you got sorted out at the Dr. love the apple core's and the wording perfect.

  2. Those letters definitely don't look right. I'll bring Tonya's Word Play book with me and perhaps we'll try some letters.

  3. Hah - you would've been really miffed if you needed that light bulb. Don'r forget it next time! I've finished my first snowball and I'm wondering wether to go on and make more for a quilt.

  4. Lovely to meet you Pippa - love how the snowball turned out!

  5. I think we were all tired to the bone!
    Love the apple core quilt.
    Unfortunately I missed the sissix demo;you obviously are a fan (well, nearly always?)


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