18 June, 2012

ET Phone Home !!!!!

The naughty woman that calls herself Lynne tempted me beyond belief... she posted up her gorgeous ET Phone Home block, it's foundation paper pieced and you know how much I like PPing lately, here's her link to the pattern lilysquilts.
I really didn't need more UFO's but I printed out a template, Amelia grabbed it from the printer and proceeded to colour it in... and then I copied it onto tearaway stabiliser that I have by the bucketload here...
 I managed to chain piece some of the triangles and really really enjoyed doing it.  I'm always tempted by Lynne and the double flying geese has been on my want to make list for ever.... perhaps next time I've got a day to spare lol

Word of note for my next PPing adventures, do not tweet at the same time, do not try and follow 3 twitter conversations and DO NOT rotary cut your fingernail off while trimming the 1/4 inch seams...

but I'm thrilled with the result and am contemplating what to do with it.  A cushion....hmmm or perhaps a mini wall hanging.  I like this idea but not sure i've got time to quilt it... Lynne also sent me the templates for ET so I'm going to see if one or two of the patchwork ladies want to make it the old fashioned way.

Tonight, there's football on the TV and my buttons and magnets arrived (DH actually had the magnets in his workshop, he thought he'd ordered some weeks ago and had forgotten DOH) to make my fabric covered button magnets for the patchwork tombola at the end of the month...if we can find the glue gun that is LOL

I'm linking up to Manic Monday, because it has been ;) and also Plum And June's because i'm learning news things about blogging...

Plum and June
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  1. wooohooo you did a fabulous job, that looks amazing!

  2. Well done! They look absolutely perfect!!
    One for a cushion or on a (tote) bag. More for a table runner, wallhanging or a (lap size) quilt?

  3. That block is so cool! Love the fabrics you used :)

  4. Wow Pippa that is absolutely gorgeous.
    I totally HAVE to make one too now!
    I would more than love one as a cushion for my armchair.

  5. Oooo! Very cool (but watch that rotary cutter!)

  6. First of all - ouch! Second, the block looks great. I was tempted by Lynne's tutorial as well.

  7. LOVE your fabric choices! You did such a great job too! Isn't paper piecing fun! Oh, and I've totally done that before with the rotary cutting and the finger nail. I didn't have twitter as an excuse though. When I first saw this block on Lynne's blog I hoped she's post the tut for it but I didn't know she did until you posted, thanks for the heads up!

  8. I love your choices of fabric for the ET block - it really is lovely. I might have to try it myself. x

  9. This looks fabulous! Love the fabrics and the pattern.


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