19 June, 2012

Day of firsts.....

Ahhh well, it's definitely a day of first's in this household.... Firstly I FMQ'd the apple core quilt in about an hour, on the Janome, with invisible thread and those non stick bits of mat you can buy in the cheap shops. That was a great tip from Trudi at quiltingprolifically It wasn't the greatest quilting and I had to do the letters so that they stuck a bit more than just with the fusible.

I then also for the first time decided I was going to fold the backing over to make the binding... hmmm I'm really undecided, It was much quicker, my stitching was a bit uneven in places but I think its the old fashioned way for me in future, if I was making mug rugs I reckon I'd go this way at a push.
It's not my greatest project but it's finished and it'll cheer up a space in the utility room or kitchen lolol...

The snowball block was finally finished, it's been like a week with one segment not sewn on, I'm not sure what I'll do with this either, any ideas apart from a cushion ???? otherwise it'll remain a sad lonely unloved block.

Clare brought Amelia a lovely name quilt and it's now hanging on the end of her bed until her proper bedroom gets built.

Finally, for the last bit of first's... Amelia and I made fabric covered button magnets, I'm not over keen on the button machine I bought (the prym one is soooo much better, so I'm going to look for a 28" one) I knackered 5 of the 25 button blanks so need to try and work out what I did wrong, the sizzix cut the 2" circles like a dream and after a rushed purchase of a glue gun we now have 20 magnets to give to patchwork club for the tombola.
   Amelia has one of those badge it machines, which I have in the past put fabric in to make a fabric badge... we stuck some magnets on her paper buttons to make some for her teachers.  I'm thinking fabric badge magnets may be the way to go.

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  1. I have heard it said before that practice make the world go round, but maybe I didn't listen very carefully?
    Something with practice, anyway.
    Yeah for the magnets!
    I used to make fabric buttons by hand, but that's old fashioned for I haven't done it in at least 25 years.
    By hand? So 1928!

  2. Alex used to have one of those. I wonder where it is.

    If that doesn't make Phil start work on the rest of the house I don't know what will. Tell Amelia to keep on reminding him that she needs her own room.


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