29 June, 2012

TFIFF and Finish a long

I'm going to combine the TFIFF, can I get a Whoop Whoop and the Finish a long as it's the end of the quarter for FAL and it's a Friday.

2012 Finish-A-Long

This is some of the stuff that's been finished in the last 3 months,
The top 3 and the bottom left (tumbler) have been finished this week, i'm trying to get my loose end project's finished.

Unfortunately, the only QAL finish is the Christmas stitchery, I think I started it in September last year, but it's now done and ready for Christmas :O)

I'm going to sit down tonight and write my post for the next 1/4 and also have some exciting bee and blog hop news :O)


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New Toy

Sometimes I get days where I just don't feel right, not anything I can properly put my finger on just out of sorts, am supposed to be going to Patchwork for an evening meal but am going to cry off... I am taking some of my cushions and wall hangings for them to decide if they want to use them or not.
Well, the car had to go in to the garage and I popped to do my shopping, the sales are on, so I treated myself to a cheapie new camera 40e for a 14mp one with HD video...if I can work out how to use it properly and take better photo's, perhaps the will finishes will seem better :)

These were all 2mp, must try take  14mp one of the cat, I did of my dh and you could see the drops of sweat on his brow...ewwww

Finish it up Friday and finish a long post can wait until later, but I did finish the winter stitchery and the ET cushion yesterday and made a pouch and pencil case for the teachers on Wednesday... so a really good finish week :)

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26 June, 2012

sizzix and second finish of the week

Phew, it's finished and ready for the expo at Patchwork on the weekend, then I'm hoping it doesn't get dirty because Jacques is going to give it to his teacher for his *thank you for being my teacher for the last 3 years* present, along with a tissue holder that he demanded I make for her.  She saw his and mentioned what a good idea and she'd like one. With that, he comes home, mum maitresse want's a tissue holder can you make her one.

Anyway, I digress, it was made from my petite odile charm pack that I won from Finding Fifth and some yardage for the binding and borders.
It is a total Sizzix make, I used the tumbler die, I used the 1.5" die and the 2.5" die for borders and binding.  Then is was straight line quilted with Aurifil 50wt

I love my sizzix incase you don't know already :)

Can I get the ET pillow sewn on to make 3 finishes this week ??? plus I've still got 2 teacher pouches to make before 3rd July :)

If you can't tell, I'm feeling better, I think I've passed some grit and hopefully the stone wasn't a stone and was grit, if the pain comes back I know it's still not gone ;o(

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Winning Ways

My morning has been made wonderful, I checked my email on my phone to see... giveaway winner...
With that I quickly read it and was thrilled to see I'd won kimberly@mybrownbagstudio wonderful fat eighth bundle of Holiday Medley.
Isn't it scrummy

I've never ever bought or won a fat eighth bundle before, I always eeeek at the price, so am really excited and Amelia is too....
Any ideas what I can make, it seems a waste to make a stitchery table runner that was the plan...

Can't wait :O)  Thank you so much to Kimberly and also Green Fairy Quilts :O)

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25 June, 2012

Finally a finish

Finally, I've finished my EPP snowball block from FQ Retreat, I cheated and bought a faux suede cushion and appliqued the snowball on, not as easy as it sounds as the suede was all slippy...
Another cushion for the cat's to moult lovely black hair all over...need to keep it clean at least until the weekend as it's going in the patchwork club expo and i'm hoping to get the binding and the ends hidden on the teacher's tumbler wall hanging/table runner and it can go in the expo too.

I may be AWOL this week, I've got a horrendously busy couple of weeks before the kid's summer hols start and I've had a bad weekend with lots of kidney pain, the doc reported this morning i've got another kidney stone and the pain is just like labour... yes big OUCH !!!  so i'm drinking litres of water and on strong pain killers and anti inflammatories that make me feel like curling up on the settee and going to sleep... if only I had the time.

I need to make 2 pouches/pencil cases for the kids teachers too before next Thursday, so you'll understand i'm sure that I don't want to be sitting on the computer or even sewing tbh... plus the weather's due to be in the 30's this week, so probably too hot to do either :)

À bientôt

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Pippa's Piña Colada

Cindy @ Fluffy Sheep Quilting is running a competition, we have to choose 8 kona solids to be bundled up into a fat eighth bundle :) 
It's lovely to be able to choose and think up a name, go check her blog out and get busy with mosaic's

Here's my entry and I'm calling it

Pippa's Pina Colada,

 It's made up of Coal, Ash, Snow, Banana,Papaya,Lime, Bubblegum and Bahama Blue

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19 June, 2012

Day of firsts.....

Ahhh well, it's definitely a day of first's in this household.... Firstly I FMQ'd the apple core quilt in about an hour, on the Janome, with invisible thread and those non stick bits of mat you can buy in the cheap shops. That was a great tip from Trudi at quiltingprolifically It wasn't the greatest quilting and I had to do the letters so that they stuck a bit more than just with the fusible.

I then also for the first time decided I was going to fold the backing over to make the binding... hmmm I'm really undecided, It was much quicker, my stitching was a bit uneven in places but I think its the old fashioned way for me in future, if I was making mug rugs I reckon I'd go this way at a push.
It's not my greatest project but it's finished and it'll cheer up a space in the utility room or kitchen lolol...

The snowball block was finally finished, it's been like a week with one segment not sewn on, I'm not sure what I'll do with this either, any ideas apart from a cushion ???? otherwise it'll remain a sad lonely unloved block.

Clare brought Amelia a lovely name quilt and it's now hanging on the end of her bed until her proper bedroom gets built.

Finally, for the last bit of first's... Amelia and I made fabric covered button magnets, I'm not over keen on the button machine I bought (the prym one is soooo much better, so I'm going to look for a 28" one) I knackered 5 of the 25 button blanks so need to try and work out what I did wrong, the sizzix cut the 2" circles like a dream and after a rushed purchase of a glue gun we now have 20 magnets to give to patchwork club for the tombola.
   Amelia has one of those badge it machines, which I have in the past put fabric in to make a fabric badge... we stuck some magnets on her paper buttons to make some for her teachers.  I'm thinking fabric badge magnets may be the way to go.

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Naughty me :)

I know I'm weak but 50% off and I could not resist... no more fabric until September now, unless I get to IKEA ;o)
I've had 3 big fabric orders apart from my birthday gift voucher now...

I bought a yard of each :)

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18 June, 2012

ET Phone Home !!!!!

The naughty woman that calls herself Lynne tempted me beyond belief... she posted up her gorgeous ET Phone Home block, it's foundation paper pieced and you know how much I like PPing lately, here's her link to the pattern lilysquilts.
I really didn't need more UFO's but I printed out a template, Amelia grabbed it from the printer and proceeded to colour it in... and then I copied it onto tearaway stabiliser that I have by the bucketload here...
 I managed to chain piece some of the triangles and really really enjoyed doing it.  I'm always tempted by Lynne and the double flying geese has been on my want to make list for ever.... perhaps next time I've got a day to spare lol

Word of note for my next PPing adventures, do not tweet at the same time, do not try and follow 3 twitter conversations and DO NOT rotary cut your fingernail off while trimming the 1/4 inch seams...

but I'm thrilled with the result and am contemplating what to do with it.  A cushion....hmmm or perhaps a mini wall hanging.  I like this idea but not sure i've got time to quilt it... Lynne also sent me the templates for ET so I'm going to see if one or two of the patchwork ladies want to make it the old fashioned way.

Tonight, there's football on the TV and my buttons and magnets arrived (DH actually had the magnets in his workshop, he thought he'd ordered some weeks ago and had forgotten DOH) to make my fabric covered button magnets for the patchwork tombola at the end of the month...if we can find the glue gun that is LOL

I'm linking up to Manic Monday, because it has been ;) and also Plum And June's because i'm learning news things about blogging...

Plum and June
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Jolly June

It's supposed to be flaming June isn't it...well it's semi hot here, semi cold, sometimes windy, sometimes cloudy, luckily it seems to be raining in the evening and we're getting dry days so at least the washing's getting dry.

I'm trying to get back into the sewing/blogging mojo but it's difficult atm, school, footie matches, work, paperwork and life are getting in the way a bit.
Clare came last week for a mini retreat, we talked quilts, we flicked through books and we quilted one of her quilts on the frame...once she's hidden the threads and bound it, I'm hoping she'll share a piccie with us.
she gave me some charm squares and i've tumbler cut them to hopefully make into a pillow

I've been really busy with EPPing... I finished the snowball block and have been busy with hexagons, I'm sewing them up and was going to make 6 wineglass coasters but am now thinking some Christmas Day placemats, have ordered some tiny sample pieces of Linen to see if the reds match..wouldn't they look cute.

I've received all my winnings from the Sew Mama Sew giveaways,

the lovely 241 tote, the snappy pouch and the yummy fabric from Happy Zombie.

Amelia was very pleased with the fabric and we're thinking a gnome/santa hanging thing might be in order... or a biggggggg family cushion with the gnomes

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