15 May, 2012

Zippity Zip Zip Zip

My zipit zips arrived, really quick think I ordered them and had them delivered within 4 or 5 days..
 see all the lovely colours and two of them are winging their way to the UK for my pouch class.

I had seen a tutorial on their website and decided I needed a pencil case to take with me for quilting club and the R word :)
Look at the lovely freebie zip pull you get 

Not much later I have a 5 zip pencil case with patriotic back :O) problem is now JP and Amelia want them too... I'm not sure I've quite got enough zips...

And just because I can, here's the fabric that arrived from Fabric Shack, now remember I had the clutch bag fabric and also some other brit fabric is on it's way to UK and this is the rest along with my moda solids... Can't believe I forgot to order black DOH !!!!


  1. Love the colours in this post and those solids are gorgeous. Will have to start shopping at Fabric Shack.

  2. You will be all sewn out before you get to R....
    Pencil case and clutch bag look great.

  3. gotta love zips!!! Now I want one of those cool cases too!! ;)


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