14 May, 2012

Winning ways and great new shop

Another winning day :)
I won the Fugly giveaway that Jodi at tickle and hide ran, some beautiful fabrics (See the stars) are winging their way to me and my friend clare  has won a giveaway today too, she won this bundle from Katy at I'm a ginger monkey  but she said she'll share it with me :) cos i'm such a nice person and shared my aurifil monofilament prize with her :)  well I will do, when it arrives lol

There's another great giveaway going on at fluffy sheep quilting  I can't wait to meet Cindy at the retreat (did I tell you about the retreat lolol) anyway, I digress, Cindy has opened up a shop here  and she's selling yummy kona solids, AURIFIL !!!! and lots more, much cheaper than I can buy here in France, better shipping prices and she'll ship to Europe and Internationally :)


  1. Aren't we nice to each other! Hmmmm. That link isn't right: http://dordognequilter.blogspot.com.


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