17 May, 2012

Birthday Bash

Today, I'm 37 years old...it seems an old age but I don't feel 37 inside. (Sometimes I feel nearer 40 lolol)   I've been spoilt rotten today, My bro bought me  Shape workshop for quilters from the Fat Quarterly gang...
I sat in bed this morning, with a bucks fizz in my hand and flicked through, there are some lovely blocks in there, scrummy quilts and good tips.

My DH bought me a year's subscription to Fat Quarterly, (see he had listened to me and at least he knows where I'm going to be in June) and the naughty naughty man , gave me $150 gift certificate to Fat Quarter shop  I was really annoyed as the retreat was supposed to be my birthday present. Eventually, I accepted it with good grace and surfed their site all day :) there's a sale starting on Monday so i'm going to wait... any ideas what I should buy ???
My parents bought me a digital photo frame so I can see all my lovely photo's.

The kids got me my sizzix alphabet die, isn't it nice, all about 1inch so easy applique :)

After a rather boozy lunch at the local restaurant, I proceeded to cut with my new alphabet die and got busy doing my FQ name tag, here's the finished article, it was square before I did the binding... oh and I must just say that I used Pip, because my friends tend to call me Pip and Pippa is a very very naughty word in Italy, Greece and most of the Baltic states, so I didn't want to embarrass myself.

it sorta slipped the coding while I was sewing, I blame the alcohol :)

Please don't shout in the morning, I might have a sore head


  1. Parabéns para você,toda felicidade para que possa fazer peças lindas como esta e tudo de bonito que você vem postando aqui.Deus te abençoe,beijo.

  2. happy birthday, your name tag is great xx

  3. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your wonderful presents and the name tag looks great.

  4. Happy birthday love the tag now you have no excuse for getting lost. Hope the head is ok this morning. I get called Pip's pippy but at the moment and my favourite Grandma.

  5. Happy Birthday to you! I am turning 37 this month as well. Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog and for following me. I'm now following you back. (Tag, you're it. LOL.) I love that you have a QR code as your image. Must scan it and see what it is.


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