19 May, 2012

Think I'm going crazy....

First off, I won fluffysheepquilting 's giveaway, Cindy emailed me this morning, I've got 25% off an order, how incredibly cool is that, I'm going to wait until I know what Aurifil threads I need/want and when my FQ shop gift certificate has gone, then I might need more fabric too :O)

Two weeks today i'm going to be in London....woooohooo, well actually the first day of the retreat will be coming to a close.  I tried to check in and Ryanair have chosen this weekend for maintenance DOH !!!!
So on the retreat flicker group we were talking,

"Lynne @ Lilys Quilts  says:
I have started packing my stuff and I have this notion to make myself a dorky toolbelt for my scissors, rotary cutter etc - I mean a patchwork quilting toolbelt - could that be more dorky and yet more exciting to me in a weird dorky way."

Hope Lynne doesn't mind me quoting here, well anyway, I'd seen something earlier in the week when I was looking at bag and pencil case tutorials...so I thought well why not and  I've made a tool belt this afternoon.... my kids haven't had their tea -- well they did have some  chocolate flapjacks from Susan's (canadian abroad) recipe. It matches my little supply bag too.. once I got looking, I realised it'll be great for when I'm quilting on the frame, I end up putting my scissors, unpicker and all the damn broken threads on the stairs, the pins land on the floor so all the family and pets are going to be really happy with it...  could use more interfacing (I bought cheap ebay stuff, lesson learn't) and I think something on the black front if I get more time :)
I used this tutorial  how-tuesday-tool-apron-from-sew... and grabbed my black and white fabric, remember this little bag I made and I use it for my sewing supplies for patchwork club, I wanted the belt to match it ....

I used the same webbing for the belt, if I can find a bag clip thingie I might use that but for the moment its a fairly rough knot...
I made a pouch for my cutter, 3 pens, my pins and threads, scissors and more scissors and my mobile... I always lose my phone when I'm quilting or at patchwork club.... I wont be now.

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  1. FB and Lynne eat your heart out! Pippa, I can't wait to see this in action! Di x

  2. See, now this would be the time when it would be an advantage to being a 'larger' lady, the larger your arse, the more tools you could carry... ;o)

  3. Looks brill, now you have no excuses to misplace items

  4. Good idea, but I have a horrible feeling DH would pinch it. He keeps on losing his tool belts. I have an idea of making one out of denim for my gardening tools.

  5. Actually, I've just had another thought. A waterproof one for geocaching. It could hold SatNav, pencil/pen, paper and a selection of exchanges. Waddya think?


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