04 May, 2012

semi got my mojo back....

I have semi got my mojo back, I'm still knocked out with this dreaded flu/sinisitis bug, I'm now on steroids and anti biotics because I've got a blockage in my sinus and its giving me toothache too...ho hum, still not sleeping for coughing and am quite knackered.
We've had bizarre weather, rain like you could not believe,plus it was raining dirty water and hailstones...see the car :O)

I've been tempted by the Fat Quarterly retreat and am ummming and ahhhing, flights are fairly cheap, I can stay in the hostel thats where the retreat in (has anyone been to a 4* hostel in London ???) its female only dormitorys.  The retreat can offer loan machines and the zip course I want to go on has spaces...theres the paper piecing union jack I really want to do :) great embroidery one ahhhh BUT its Jubilee weekend, have to get on the train/tubes which might run badly over the weekend, fly in Friday and out Monday. Dh is off but the kids have school this means he has to get JP to football and stuff, but it's do-able.  It's a great opportunity, not cheap though which equates to a lot of fabric and as usual, I'll probably talk myself out of it and regret it. (I have ordered my ribbon so I could make a name badge) lololol.
I also looked at my New York Beauty and tonight, decided to get some done...
they need squaring up but i'm doing it all at the end.

my dh has been a darling and wiped my old laptop and made it play the tv :O) we have a weird tv setup in this household, its a techie version of tivo, so I can halt, jump adverts, watch 10 mins later etc etc and I hated not having a tv in my sewing room. I am a teleaddict, I don't watch it, I tend to listen and injest it, usually I'm on the computer, working or sewing... so now my evenings will be more productive again.

  I tidied up my stash a bit and even polished... Am eagerly waiting for 18 yards of fabric which is being very slow coming from US and I haven't had my winning charm pack yet *sob* hope it hasn't got lost in the post.
Have a good Saturday all

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  1. Go, go! If there was even a remote possibility I'd be there!

  2. I'd go. If you don't you'll regret it. I haven't got the urge to do anything.I walk through my sewing room and blank it out.

  3. I hope you get well soon, Pippa! Sinus infections are awful! Love your New York Beauties.. The retreat definitely sounds tempting--I can tell you really want to go.. get working on that name badge! :)

  4. Go for it you will love it. Square up your beautiful New York beauties and tick them off.


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