06 May, 2012

Nice postie....

The excitement of the retreat made me forget to post my photo's of all the lovely things that arrived in the post yesterday.  My charm pack from the Finding Fifth giveaway arrived, with some new sewing needles, so I'm going to get busy cutting them into Tumblers and making a small wall hanging or I'm thinking a table runner...

Then my yummy ribbon arrived, I purchased it along with some of the brit fabric thinking, well if I did go to the retreat and got on the Union Jack course I could use this and that... and I've already made my lanyard for the name tag :O)...anyway later about that.

I ordered some grab bags from Hawthorne threads they were 7$ a bag and my gosh, look at the lovelies... I think I ordered 5, which would be 10 yards of fabric, I was expecting little bits but lots are larger than fat quarters, some have to be half yards...definitely something to keep an eye out for when on sale.
Pacman, cows, lambs, lots of dots (which I don't buy but love) stripes, different colours, there are not any fabrics that I don't like :)

 Eiffel Tower, houses, I think it's the Arc de Triomphe, little bikes, birdies... Clare do u want it ????
 See my goodies :O)
 The wood fabric could come in handy and stripes
 Did you spy the Dr Seuss ?? and pacman.... I must remember to order space invaders for dh's quilt
Dots !!! windmills and birdies

 The yellow with grey is mouth watering

Finally, I had an idea to put my QR code which links back to here on the back of my retreat name tag, I printed it out on the laser transfer paper and ironed it on... I wanted to put scan me, but there isn't enough room.....but it work's I tried it on my android :) I love technology.  So the back's done, the lanyard is done just the front to do now....

oh and I treated myself to some magazines :O)


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