10 May, 2012


They arrived.... so cute and sooooo tiny... the kids took their share of them with a moo holder each, so I've got stuck with the red one.   The free business cards were scrummy too, must take better photo's though as they lost some of the colour but my photo's are always dark, need to get outside more with things.

Busy day today, shopping, shopping and shoes :) don't ask how much they were, I have never paid this for a pair of shoes but being a size 9/10 43/44 they cost big bucks... ahh well what's money :)  and a brilliant union jack t shirt (bought here in France wow eh) so I'll be feeling very patriotic in the weeks to come.

Beautiful sunny day here, 31C and tomorrow's forecast for 27C and I've got to be inside doing my french homework...lolol.

Am trying to design my name badge for the retreat, want to do stay calm and quilt but need to fit my name in there somewhere too... keep that for Saturday I think

The lovely patchwork lady finished Amelia's yo yo bear, please meet Pinky

Isn't she the bee's knees...

Happy Thursday

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  1. Such a cute bear will not show that to my granddaughter she would want one.


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