08 May, 2012

Help....how do I cut something square ???

Am I the only person in the world that cannot cut an accurate square, I've been sorting through some of my retreat supply list, cut up the 27 1.5" strips which was lucky cos the sizzix has a 1.5" die that I bought in the sale :O) so done... but then it needed a 18" square and a 17" wadding square... well let's just say they aren't square :(
I used 2 rulers, my 16.5" ruler (sod's law) and in the end just left them, they are sorta square

Is it really that difficult or is it just me ???

I've got to have 100 2" squares for the hexagons so am going to start looking on ebay

and I LOVE the tumbler die, will show you tomorrow :O) 


  1. Don't ask me! I can't cut square to save my life!

  2. LOL...I know it should be simple; but..... you should use a square ruler...then you know all of your sides are the same..or maybe the man of the house has a carpenters square. That will help..but a square ruler is your quick and easy answer...goo luck.

  3. I try.... I realy try! I am sure someone MOVES my rulers!! x

  4. lol, thank god I'm not the only one then... I really try but god help me, perhaps someone on the retreat might give me the golden rule :)

  5. i can't either wish i could afford a go baby or something that cuts them for you nbut we are retired so nuff said


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