27 May, 2012

Fugly Finish

Been a very busy week, trying to sort out for the retreat, catching up on tax and year end stuff.... oh and spent 3 whole nights blog hopping trying to win things...I entered I think over 230 and won sewzpassion lovely snappy pouch

I spent Sunday putting on the borders for the Fugly (love my Sizzix 2.5" die) and then had to make the frame upto Queen, I *just* had enough room in the sewing area but did have to crawl down underneath it to change bobbins.

Monday I spent the day busy quilting it, I ran out of Aurifil :O( so used whatever I had, the machine coughed, spluttered and point blank refused to stitch more than a few stitches...it birdnested at points and I used up any old bits I could find wrapped on bobbins and then grabbed some Guterman, it seemed to like that quite a bit too....
So then I decided on a scallop border, tuesday was making binding..I had to go to the speech therapist with Jacques, took the quilt with me and was hand stitching the binding on, while it sat in a Super U (supermarket) bag...
During the Eurovision song contest I sat and sewed the rest of the binding on..
Hung it on the newest stone wall in the garden (dh finished it at 8pm last night) to take the photo's(excuse the stones)

The quilting isn't the best, I was trying some loops on the borders and e's and l's....imagine my surprise when I look and some of the stitching was BLUE !!

was my eyesight on Monday so bad, oh well, it's going to my mum to put in her new UK house on her cream settee, she won't care that the quilting isn't fantastic or that it's blue and cream... came inside and was working out what I could make for a sample swop should I be needed, looked at my thread box and realised, it's partly quilted with SOLAR thread....lol, so should the quilt go out in the sun it may change colour, teach me to run out of Aurifil won't it lolol....

I've made this prototype bin in case I'm needed for the swop, I've got one and used it to copy, I love mine, I take it with me to patchwork club or when i'm cutting threads, hexagons, little bits and pieces and it folds up into nothing.
Think I might be too late for the swop (can you hear my sigh of relief) so might make some for the club's sale table for July's expo
Happy Sunday :)

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