15 May, 2012

clutch bags are go !!!!!

I've been hunting through, trying to find a bag tutorial, one that didn't involve loads of interfacing which i've ordered but hasn't arrived, one that didn't involve bag clasps, magnetic clasps or bag handles... none of which I've actually got here atm... and I found this one from Pellon, Modern Girl Clutch   
I wanted a bag to take to the Retreat and I had the gorgeous London Bridge Mini car fabric from Benartex that I ordered from Fabric Shack.  I knew the fabric would go great with my new expensive shoes LOLOLOL...
So this morning, dinner in the slow cooker, I got busy and I'm thrilled with the result... 
I even managed to fussy cut the mini and get things the right way round :) 
and look at the oh so sweet mini pocket...

 gorgeous gorgeous fabric :)

lovely lining, 
Just love it all :))))) 

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