07 May, 2012

Busy Bee

My Mojo is back...think perhaps it's the prospect of 4 days away from the family, sewing, shopping and having a good time *hopefully*, there are shopping trips to patchwork shops, dinners out in the night...I'll be out like a grown up :O)
I got the main workshop I wanted, so I'm going to learn to make a pouch and put a zip in it :O)

Sat AM:
English Paper Piecing
Now, do I choose hexagons which I can do, quite like making (but its 7 larger squares and 100 2" squares !!!!!) and was contemplating the sizzix die so I could cut the papers and fabric, or do I go with the impossible looking square dance or the snowball that looks a lot less work, well less pieces anyway :O)

Sat PM:
Zippered Pouch
ohhh I had to buy zips...you wait until they arrive :O) does anyone know the cheapest place to buy fusible interfacing cos Im not sure what fabric i'm going to use yet, I'd like to make a block and perhaps use that ??? am off to the fabric shop on Thursday (frenchies, what's it called)

Sun AM:
Machine Pieced Placemat

Sizzix is going to be busy 27 1.5" strips :)

Sun PM:
Wonky Log Cabins
ohhh with John Adams, yes Clare I'm going to try really hard to be liberated....but it needs a Jelly roll or assorted strips 1.5-3.5"...sizzix busy got the 1.5 and 2.5 die...3.5 ones might not be too straight, think I'm going scrappy, to make a quilt needs 26 fat quarters

After that excitement, mum said ohh they'll all have their patchwork made bags and needle cases, scissor rolls.... EEEEK mine are really not good enough to put on display but anyway, tonight I packed the kidlets off to bed and got busy while watching Britain's got talent....

3 Mini Moo holders ---- waiting for the mini moo's to arrive, patriotic or what :O)  I used the tutorial moo-card-holder-in-3-minutes

and then I saw this tutorial for hexagon needle book and thought what a great idea and it could hang off my scissor lanyard or clip on a bag, (pouch when made) and I might well make another one once my patriotic fabric's arrived and if I can find any more d or o rings....:)

Amelia is going to lurve the pretty lambs :O)

I think I'm going to put my stuff in the little black and white spotty bag I made a while ago....or perhaps make another one a bit bigger,


  1. Well I would not have guessed how excited you are. It is infectious I want to make these things as well. Do not hang too many things to the lanyard it will slow you down. Who said that you had to be grown up to go fabric shopping this is news to me. Have a lovely time and do not forget to pack the camera I can't wait to see the photo's. Enjoy.....

  2. wow! are you getting a bit excited!! OR a bit manic lol xx

  3. Super mojo in the works! I love your little lamb needle book!

  4. Wish mine would come back. Can't get to grips with anything.

    Have you got a scraps bin? Have a rummage and see what you've got for the log cabins. Best of luck!

  5. Looks like you and I are in two of the same sessions (Zippered pouches and Wonky Log Cabins) - can't wait to meet you :) Amy from www.craftyshenanigans.blogspot.co.uk


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