06 May, 2012

Am BOOKED !!!!!

post signatureAfter lots of umming, ahhhing, sleepless nights... I'm booked, the price of hotels OUCH !!! but dh got dominent with me and wanted me to stay where other people are, not be wandering around london on my own (I am an adult and was brought up in London) pfff so....
take kids to school friday, make way to airport and then I'm flying in on Friday, catching the stansted express to london, have a wander round, make my way to the hotel (grange strathmore) where there are a couple of people staying that I recognise from their blogs :O)  need to find out what's going on if anything Friday night...then retreat sat (hoping to go out to dinner saturday night) /sunday retreat (waiting to find out if I got the zipper pouch course) and then sunday night am making my way back to Stansted and have booked a cheap b&b cos my flight LEAVES at 10am on Monday and I don't want to be on the tube/train at 6am...so better to stay close by airport... Monday afternoon home :) 

now need to think about the pitfalls of air travel with no cutter, scissors, fabric and weight restrictions and do I want/need my machine or shall I try beg, steal, borrow one...my machine is bloody heavy to traipse around london with...

and make name badge, any ideas ???

got to get on and clean the house, it's a right state, kids go back to school tomorrow, completely unprepared and coughing still...oh well :)
Least I'm GOING ON RETREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on booking your ticket Pippa - see you at the Grange Strathmore!

  2. how wonderful... I am sure you will have a wonderful time... expecting a full report for those of us who cannot go xx

  3. Yeah that's wonderful!!! See you there :)


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