31 May, 2012

One more Sleep

That's it really, Its 10.38pm here and in 12 hours i'll be checked in ready for my flight to LONDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I likely to get any sleep tonight....errr no, I'm in a state of nervous excitement.
See all you retreaters tomorrow and over the weekend. To the rest of you have a fantastic Jubilee weekend (if English) and a great weekend to the rest of you :)

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30 May, 2012

WIP Wednesday and waiting....

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm rubbish at waiting, I'm really impatient, I hate surprises because I don't get to plan and pack and ponder so guess what..... I WANT TO BE IN LONDON !!!! AND I WANT TO BE THERE NOWWWWWWWWWWWW
so to keep me busy I've been packing :O) I really dislike Mr RyanAir getting more money from people than he should, so I've packed my bag

and inside my bag (was going to be a lidls bag but then I found the union Jack one) is a big soft bag that I'm going to check in on the way back, so I only pay one lot of baggage :O) and I get to bring back my scissors, cutter, class work, fabric purchases, thread purchases, gifts for the kids and dh... purchases for me, magazines, purchases... see theres going to be lots of the P word I hope :)

Now I'm packed, I've got the hairdressers and french lessons tomorrow but I found myself at a slight loose end yesterday, so I got on with quilting the tumbler runner.

I'm thinking it'd be appropriate to give to Jacques teacher, he's leaving her class in July, even though he's staying in the school and she's helped him lots. She's quite old fashioned so my first idea of a small pencil wall hanging went out the window and I thought she'd appreciate the colours of Petite Odile, there's french things, there's pretty school girls, there's letters and muted colours. So it needs binding and washing and it'll be ready to wrap.

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and hope it might even make TGIFF if I get some free time tomorrow night.
I'll be leaving on a Jet plane on Friday morning :O) might not get chance to blog, depends if my phone battery lasts out but I do believe there will be lots of photo's and things to show when I get back.

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28 May, 2012

Opps I did it again....

Opps I did it again, I went and won another SMS giveaway, bringing the grand total upto 3 wins:O) not bad eh...
This time I got an email from our busy little bunch to say I'd won this great 241 tote. Isn't it lovely and it's one of the patterns I was going to try my hand at after seeing some great bag pictures (loads of people are bringing 241's to the R word...) and now I won't have to :) was a bit worried about the Z word !!!
Ahhh I'm a lucky girlie

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27 May, 2012

What a win !!!!

Wow,I'm thrilled to say I've won the giveaway at the happy zombie
Look at the beautiful gnomes and fabric,

I really like Winterkist and not because i've won some *lol* but because it's really bright and cheerful, not traditional Christmas fabric, has a springy feel to it... I think whatever I make with the Charm pack and yummy gnomes can stay out all year round don't you ????

Thank you so much Monica.... do you think her surname Solorio-Snow is real ??? I'll let you know I asked *wink*

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Just realised

I didn't have anything to carry my snot rags (tissues) in....

Fugly Finish

Been a very busy week, trying to sort out for the retreat, catching up on tax and year end stuff.... oh and spent 3 whole nights blog hopping trying to win things...I entered I think over 230 and won sewzpassion lovely snappy pouch

I spent Sunday putting on the borders for the Fugly (love my Sizzix 2.5" die) and then had to make the frame upto Queen, I *just* had enough room in the sewing area but did have to crawl down underneath it to change bobbins.

Monday I spent the day busy quilting it, I ran out of Aurifil :O( so used whatever I had, the machine coughed, spluttered and point blank refused to stitch more than a few stitches...it birdnested at points and I used up any old bits I could find wrapped on bobbins and then grabbed some Guterman, it seemed to like that quite a bit too....
So then I decided on a scallop border, tuesday was making binding..I had to go to the speech therapist with Jacques, took the quilt with me and was hand stitching the binding on, while it sat in a Super U (supermarket) bag...
During the Eurovision song contest I sat and sewed the rest of the binding on..
Hung it on the newest stone wall in the garden (dh finished it at 8pm last night) to take the photo's(excuse the stones)

The quilting isn't the best, I was trying some loops on the borders and e's and l's....imagine my surprise when I look and some of the stitching was BLUE !!

was my eyesight on Monday so bad, oh well, it's going to my mum to put in her new UK house on her cream settee, she won't care that the quilting isn't fantastic or that it's blue and cream... came inside and was working out what I could make for a sample swop should I be needed, looked at my thread box and realised, it's partly quilted with SOLAR thread....lol, so should the quilt go out in the sun it may change colour, teach me to run out of Aurifil won't it lolol....

I've made this prototype bin in case I'm needed for the swop, I've got one and used it to copy, I love mine, I take it with me to patchwork club or when i'm cutting threads, hexagons, little bits and pieces and it folds up into nothing.
Think I might be too late for the swop (can you hear my sigh of relief) so might make some for the club's sale table for July's expo
Happy Sunday :)

26 May, 2012

FQ Retreat Linky....

Fat Quarterly

Linky Party is live...

Lynne at Lily's Quilts has opened up the linky party, Lynne's work I've admired for ages and I follower her blog, never quite believed I'd meet her, unfortunately I didn't get in the Union Jack class but i'm hoping to have a chat to her about it.

There's lots of people I feel like I know in Blogland but haven't met anyone *IRL* that isn't really that fear inducing for me, mainly because my husband and I met *virtually* in a chat room, for the techies he helped me get control of an IRC bot.. (was actually on Millennium Eve too) and after chatting/phone calls late into the night, he came down south on his motorbike and never went back...

12 years later we're married, shipped ourselves over to rural France (to escape speed cameras, me having to work in London and for a nicer fresher, different life to bring our kids up in)  I'm a 37 year old (JUST 37!!!) SAHM and we have 2 kids who are now bilingual being born in France and because they are both in full time school (except for Wednesdays which are the nightmare days for me, they have wed's off) I get more chance to sew.

I wouldn't say i'm even intermediate, mainly because i'm self taught and even though I go to a patchwork club here in France, they do everything by hand GRRRR and it's more of a sit and stitch than classes.  It's why I'm so excited to be going on retreat, to have english speaking teachers who hopefully might have enough patience and might even teach me how to cut a square square.... why can I not do it ???

Also, want to have a chat with Trudi because her quilting is fantastic and next year I might even get to go on one of her frame courses, that's my newest toy, I HATE basting so I persuaded dh to buy me a frame and faster machine, now I need to learn FMQ :O)
 Ok...I've gasbagged for long enough now, can't wait to meet you all and have a child/hubby/housework free weekend and enjoy chatting, sewing, drinking and hopefully might get to browse some english patchwork magazines :)

See you all soon xxxx

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19 May, 2012

Think I'm going crazy....

First off, I won fluffysheepquilting 's giveaway, Cindy emailed me this morning, I've got 25% off an order, how incredibly cool is that, I'm going to wait until I know what Aurifil threads I need/want and when my FQ shop gift certificate has gone, then I might need more fabric too :O)

Two weeks today i'm going to be in London....woooohooo, well actually the first day of the retreat will be coming to a close.  I tried to check in and Ryanair have chosen this weekend for maintenance DOH !!!!
So on the retreat flicker group we were talking,

"Lynne @ Lilys Quilts  says:
I have started packing my stuff and I have this notion to make myself a dorky toolbelt for my scissors, rotary cutter etc - I mean a patchwork quilting toolbelt - could that be more dorky and yet more exciting to me in a weird dorky way."

Hope Lynne doesn't mind me quoting here, well anyway, I'd seen something earlier in the week when I was looking at bag and pencil case tutorials...so I thought well why not and  I've made a tool belt this afternoon.... my kids haven't had their tea -- well they did have some  chocolate flapjacks from Susan's (canadian abroad) recipe. It matches my little supply bag too.. once I got looking, I realised it'll be great for when I'm quilting on the frame, I end up putting my scissors, unpicker and all the damn broken threads on the stairs, the pins land on the floor so all the family and pets are going to be really happy with it...  could use more interfacing (I bought cheap ebay stuff, lesson learn't) and I think something on the black front if I get more time :)
I used this tutorial  how-tuesday-tool-apron-from-sew... and grabbed my black and white fabric, remember this little bag I made and I use it for my sewing supplies for patchwork club, I wanted the belt to match it ....

I used the same webbing for the belt, if I can find a bag clip thingie I might use that but for the moment its a fairly rough knot...
I made a pouch for my cutter, 3 pens, my pins and threads, scissors and more scissors and my mobile... I always lose my phone when I'm quilting or at patchwork club.... I wont be now.

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17 May, 2012

Birthday Bash

Today, I'm 37 years old...it seems an old age but I don't feel 37 inside. (Sometimes I feel nearer 40 lolol)   I've been spoilt rotten today, My bro bought me  Shape workshop for quilters from the Fat Quarterly gang...
I sat in bed this morning, with a bucks fizz in my hand and flicked through, there are some lovely blocks in there, scrummy quilts and good tips.

My DH bought me a year's subscription to Fat Quarterly, (see he had listened to me and at least he knows where I'm going to be in June) and the naughty naughty man , gave me $150 gift certificate to Fat Quarter shop  I was really annoyed as the retreat was supposed to be my birthday present. Eventually, I accepted it with good grace and surfed their site all day :) there's a sale starting on Monday so i'm going to wait... any ideas what I should buy ???
My parents bought me a digital photo frame so I can see all my lovely photo's.

The kids got me my sizzix alphabet die, isn't it nice, all about 1inch so easy applique :)

After a rather boozy lunch at the local restaurant, I proceeded to cut with my new alphabet die and got busy doing my FQ name tag, here's the finished article, it was square before I did the binding... oh and I must just say that I used Pip, because my friends tend to call me Pip and Pippa is a very very naughty word in Italy, Greece and most of the Baltic states, so I didn't want to embarrass myself.

it sorta slipped the coding while I was sewing, I blame the alcohol :)

Please don't shout in the morning, I might have a sore head

15 May, 2012

Zippity Zip Zip Zip

My zipit zips arrived, really quick think I ordered them and had them delivered within 4 or 5 days..
 see all the lovely colours and two of them are winging their way to the UK for my pouch class.

I had seen a tutorial on their website and decided I needed a pencil case to take with me for quilting club and the R word :)
Look at the lovely freebie zip pull you get 

Not much later I have a 5 zip pencil case with patriotic back :O) problem is now JP and Amelia want them too... I'm not sure I've quite got enough zips...

And just because I can, here's the fabric that arrived from Fabric Shack, now remember I had the clutch bag fabric and also some other brit fabric is on it's way to UK and this is the rest along with my moda solids... Can't believe I forgot to order black DOH !!!!

clutch bags are go !!!!!

I've been hunting through, trying to find a bag tutorial, one that didn't involve loads of interfacing which i've ordered but hasn't arrived, one that didn't involve bag clasps, magnetic clasps or bag handles... none of which I've actually got here atm... and I found this one from Pellon, Modern Girl Clutch   
I wanted a bag to take to the Retreat and I had the gorgeous London Bridge Mini car fabric from Benartex that I ordered from Fabric Shack.  I knew the fabric would go great with my new expensive shoes LOLOLOL...
So this morning, dinner in the slow cooker, I got busy and I'm thrilled with the result... 
I even managed to fussy cut the mini and get things the right way round :) 
and look at the oh so sweet mini pocket...

 gorgeous gorgeous fabric :)

lovely lining, 
Just love it all :))))) 

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14 May, 2012

Winning ways and great new shop

Another winning day :)
I won the Fugly giveaway that Jodi at tickle and hide ran, some beautiful fabrics (See the stars) are winging their way to me and my friend clare  has won a giveaway today too, she won this bundle from Katy at I'm a ginger monkey  but she said she'll share it with me :) cos i'm such a nice person and shared my aurifil monofilament prize with her :)  well I will do, when it arrives lol

There's another great giveaway going on at fluffy sheep quilting  I can't wait to meet Cindy at the retreat (did I tell you about the retreat lolol) anyway, I digress, Cindy has opened up a shop here  and she's selling yummy kona solids, AURIFIL !!!! and lots more, much cheaper than I can buy here in France, better shipping prices and she'll ship to Europe and Internationally :)

12 May, 2012

ohhh lovely lovely postie...

Been a very lucky girlie this week.... well DH hasn't been cos I've been spending his money but the lovely postie delivered my zips... gorgeous colours, Amelia seems to want 6 zips all the bright colours...yeah RIGHT !!! and my fabric from fabric shack arrived too
Photo's to follow, Amelia and I are getting busy with the strip cutter so I can try and get my retreat stuff together for my bro to take to UK and save me some postage :)

10 May, 2012


They arrived.... so cute and sooooo tiny... the kids took their share of them with a moo holder each, so I've got stuck with the red one.   The free business cards were scrummy too, must take better photo's though as they lost some of the colour but my photo's are always dark, need to get outside more with things.

Busy day today, shopping, shopping and shoes :) don't ask how much they were, I have never paid this for a pair of shoes but being a size 9/10 43/44 they cost big bucks... ahh well what's money :)  and a brilliant union jack t shirt (bought here in France wow eh) so I'll be feeling very patriotic in the weeks to come.

Beautiful sunny day here, 31C and tomorrow's forecast for 27C and I've got to be inside doing my french homework...lolol.

Am trying to design my name badge for the retreat, want to do stay calm and quilt but need to fit my name in there somewhere too... keep that for Saturday I think

The lovely patchwork lady finished Amelia's yo yo bear, please meet Pinky

Isn't she the bee's knees...

Happy Thursday

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08 May, 2012

Help....how do I cut something square ???

Am I the only person in the world that cannot cut an accurate square, I've been sorting through some of my retreat supply list, cut up the 27 1.5" strips which was lucky cos the sizzix has a 1.5" die that I bought in the sale :O) so done... but then it needed a 18" square and a 17" wadding square... well let's just say they aren't square :(
I used 2 rulers, my 16.5" ruler (sod's law) and in the end just left them, they are sorta square

Is it really that difficult or is it just me ???

I've got to have 100 2" squares for the hexagons so am going to start looking on ebay

and I LOVE the tumbler die, will show you tomorrow :O) 

07 May, 2012

Busy Bee

My Mojo is back...think perhaps it's the prospect of 4 days away from the family, sewing, shopping and having a good time *hopefully*, there are shopping trips to patchwork shops, dinners out in the night...I'll be out like a grown up :O)
I got the main workshop I wanted, so I'm going to learn to make a pouch and put a zip in it :O)

Sat AM:
English Paper Piecing
Now, do I choose hexagons which I can do, quite like making (but its 7 larger squares and 100 2" squares !!!!!) and was contemplating the sizzix die so I could cut the papers and fabric, or do I go with the impossible looking square dance or the snowball that looks a lot less work, well less pieces anyway :O)

Sat PM:
Zippered Pouch
ohhh I had to buy zips...you wait until they arrive :O) does anyone know the cheapest place to buy fusible interfacing cos Im not sure what fabric i'm going to use yet, I'd like to make a block and perhaps use that ??? am off to the fabric shop on Thursday (frenchies, what's it called)

Sun AM:
Machine Pieced Placemat

Sizzix is going to be busy 27 1.5" strips :)

Sun PM:
Wonky Log Cabins
ohhh with John Adams, yes Clare I'm going to try really hard to be liberated....but it needs a Jelly roll or assorted strips 1.5-3.5"...sizzix busy got the 1.5 and 2.5 die...3.5 ones might not be too straight, think I'm going scrappy, to make a quilt needs 26 fat quarters

After that excitement, mum said ohh they'll all have their patchwork made bags and needle cases, scissor rolls.... EEEEK mine are really not good enough to put on display but anyway, tonight I packed the kidlets off to bed and got busy while watching Britain's got talent....

3 Mini Moo holders ---- waiting for the mini moo's to arrive, patriotic or what :O)  I used the tutorial moo-card-holder-in-3-minutes

and then I saw this tutorial for hexagon needle book and thought what a great idea and it could hang off my scissor lanyard or clip on a bag, (pouch when made) and I might well make another one once my patriotic fabric's arrived and if I can find any more d or o rings....:)

Amelia is going to lurve the pretty lambs :O)

I think I'm going to put my stuff in the little black and white spotty bag I made a while ago....or perhaps make another one a bit bigger,