04 April, 2012

Wednesday...where did it go ????

It's been one of those days... DH had the nurse come at 8am for a blood test, so I woke up early panicking because I'd fallen asleep without setting the alarm...6.20am :O(   so we were up and dressed, then my aunt needed a courier urgently so I sorted that, wanted to get on with my easter project, cook dinner, get ready for patchwork club, answer emails...la la la la
22.36pm and I've just about got the business stuff sorted out, the easter project finished and answering emails, ready for the fun to restart tomorrow.
I did get some very nice things in the post though, the first was from Clare at  dordognequilter  and it's lovely and will be hanging in my sewing room tomorrow morning :) thank you soooooooo much
My phone isn't taking great pictures, its a lovely yellow and dark green, perfect for my sewing room:O)
I received the first block in the modern mini round robin...it's beautiful and from Wendy at why-knot-kwilt it's a lovely cheerful block and i'm now putting my thinking cap on :O)
And now to the easter project, I saw it on GFC, Kitty from weirwoodstation had a perfect quick project that I knew Amelia would enjoy and I could get done, I did make some adjustments to kitty's tutorial, but basically it's the same.  Wax crayons on fabric was really fun, I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids..and now we have an Easter runner to place on the lounge table on Friday :O)

Tomorrow is french lesson's day, then I'm making more hot cross bun's so we've got them on friday, did you see the photo of the trial batch we made on Sunday...no !!! oh here you go then ;o) 

Friday, luckily the kids are at school, Good Friday isn't a day off here in France and after lunch out, I'm going to attempt to teach my aunt and mum how to paper piece a crazy block.... oh and I need to find time to make a Simnel cake ;O) life's certainly busy and crazy in this household atm....

Have a great evening

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  1. So pleased you like it. Did A like the book? xxx


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