29 April, 2012

Sun in April ??? NAHHH

It's true, after a great March, it's solidly rained for the last 2 weeks, it's grey and miserable but tonight I'm looking out of the window at blue sky, I'm hoping it's set to stay for the next week as the kids have one more week on holiday.

I'm still reeling from the cold/flu bug I brought back with me from the UK....trying to pull myself together but it's really tough still atm.  We're also upset as a family as one of our 4 cat's has *disappeared*... Zing is just under 2 years of age and our first male kitty, he went off the day the kids and I left for England and now 12 days later we're becoming resigned to the fact he won't be meowing to come in the window. Sizzle his son, who we've also got has stopped looking for him.... sad sad times...

On the sewing front, because I'm ill and depressed and it's near my birthday :O) I've been fabric shopping... This arrived while I was in the UK, I needed Panache to finish the fugly layer cake quilt and isn't the birdy fabric just too cute for words.  The fat quarters were from a surprise pack so not my choice but some lovely fabrics in there.

Then I ordered 6 scrap bags from Hawthorne threads, which has already been shipped so hopefully might be here towards the end of the week....and remember I had the 25$ gift voucher from my win at Annies so I had to buy some moda solids, lots of 1/2 yards just so I know what colours I like :O)

Naughty susan from canadian abroad posted about Moo Cards, so of course I checked them out... and then thought oh god I have to have some mini cards...why, well to send out with giveaways, block exchanges, round robins....and should I ever decide to sell anything, I'll pop them in.  Should anyone want to buy some if you use my code http://www.moo.com/share/yqtdrk/ you'll get 10% discount, they ship worldwide and are very reasonable, I even got a sample pack of business cards free.  I uploaded my own designs but theirs are to die for, much better than my piccies but next time :O)   and now I'm looking for a mini moo holder tutorial :O)

My mum was chucking this away, it was something my gran had some stuff in, so I  grabbed it, great box for threads or projects in progress

I missed patchwork club while I was away and I know Susie (she's in her late 80's, not really as stuffy French as she could be, she's from martinique, loves spicy foods and is adorable) will be waiting for the 50 yo yo's I have to make so that she can assemble the yo yo bear I sorta conned her into making for me LOLOL.... so last night I traced, cut and then took them to bed to sew,

I'm now upto 35, so hopefully will get the other 15 done tomorrow... should be a cute little bear when she's finished.

Talking of pink....


  1. Love the birdies new fabric always a good way to cheer you up. Hope you feel better soon. wow pink I would love one but my granddaughter (3 going on 6) would claim it for herself. Good luck with the yo yos

  2. ooohhh love the laptop!
    Hope you're feeling better :)
    It's sunny today, finally!!

  3. We got sun this afternoon, most unnerving it was! Hope you're feeling better now.


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