14 April, 2012

Saturday stutterings

I'm back, still struggling with time and worrying how I'm going to find time to so everything that needs doing.  I've done some of the New York beauty blocks but I'm probably 2 or 3 weeks behind still, not going to stress about it though, here they are atm, will square them up at the end of the 12 blocks when I decide how I'm going to arrange them.  

The kids and I are off to England on Wednesday to help my mum and dad with arranging the wake and to go to my gran's funeral, we'll also spend a few days shopping and having a little holiday.  Hopefully, might get in some fabric shopping.  I've ordered a sizzix tumbler die so some charm packs or a fat eight pack, I'm really keen on the Putting on the ritz with the colourways grey/pink/blue and am thinking it would make a cute tumbler quilt for Amelia's  birthday in October.
The charity quilt is being raffled (I think) today so hopefully someone will win it who'll enjoy and snuggle underneath it


  1. Sorry to hear about your Gran hope the wake goes off without a hitch. I love these blocks making is one part then laying it on the floor and getting the right layout takes me almost as long chopping and changing the design. Thinking of you Pippa x

  2. your blocks are looking great xx Have a safe journey x


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