14 April, 2012

Quilter in the Gap 2nd quarter of the 2012 Finish a long

Here's my UFO choices for the 2nd quarter,

I've still got the Christmas sew a long to finish, just one block, its an angel block and i'm determined to get it done this quarter. I'm thinking it'll just be sashed in red then, bordered and quilted in the ditch.

Finish the perle quilting on the fugly wall hanging and get it bound and ready to hang next spring :) lol

I really need to get a shift on with my SBS quilt so I'm pledging to get 10 blocks of my SBS done, so its a minimum one a week ;O) I know its not going to be a valid finish for the quiltalong but it helps me to have a goal :)

I'm not adding in my other quilt that I started on April 1st but it may well end up becoming the ufo for next quarter because i'm struggling to find the Panache fabric that I need for the borders *sob*

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  1. I am so pleased that others have UFO's I just get so carried away and then see something else I want to do. Love the Christmas quilt.


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