26 April, 2012

quick update

I'm home, I've brought the fluey/cold bug back with me and will catch up later, I was thrilled to find out I'd won a Petite Odile charm pack from Finding Fifth while I was away and this morning I'm waiting to find out if Clare Worthy and myself are going to get our hands on the Aurifil Quilt Patchwork and Embroidery Threads clear threads we've been lusting after and hoping to win in a giveaway will become ours, I entered Sew Cal Gals fantastic Aurifil giveawayy, Quilticchiando con Alex Veronelli had given her such a good thread bounty to share among the patch working world. Because I travelled to go to UK to my grandmothers funeral I missed the winners blog post and only got home last night...fingers crossed she hasn't picked another winner yet :O) will let you all know when I hear :O)
I had some fabric arrive so I can finish the Panache quilt and some fat quarters and extra yardage, need to order some moda solids as well. I collected my birthday present from dh too, some lovely sizzix alphabet letters but i'm not opening them until my birthday, bought a tumbler cutter (perhaps will use the Petite charm pack).
My laptop was also getting old and tired, so DH let me buy a nice new PINK !!! one...yup never thought he'd agree and being a techie it's tax deductible and gets written off after 3 years so its more a necessity than a luxury...well sorta :O) will take a photo when I find the camera.
The funeral went off really well, we had a bright sunny day and my gran had a good send off. We spent a lovely afternoon at the rare breeds farm and handled lots of pigs, chickens, lambs, sheep, horses, etc etc...my boy also took part it pig racing (will try and work out how to upload a video) was really really funny and boy can those pigs run
We've come back with lots of british bounty, bacon, biscuits we can't get here, baked beans, cheddar cheese and some british sausages...as I'm feeling ill what do u reckon dh has suggested for lunch, bacon, egg, sausage and beans.... hmmmm

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  1. Glad your all home ok. Nice that the weather was kind for your gran's funeral it helps. Congrats on winning charm pack. Hope the cold and flu get better soon. Pippa (love the flashing Pippa I want one)

    1. I love talking to another Pippa I was named after a Philippa who has always been a Pippa she has a bit of a computer phobia so do not get to e mail her.

  2. Mmmmmmm Cheddar cheese, sausages and proper bacon. I'm coming over.

  3. You will get your threads Pippa. I emailed Darlene when I saw your name and let her know you were in the UK...she was hanging on to your win for you until you got back. :-) Hugs

  4. Hope you are feeling better! The pink laptop sounds fab :)


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