10 April, 2012

not awol but struggling with life atm

Just a quickie because some lovely people have emailed to ask am I ok ;o) you know who you are..wink wink

I had a lovely day on Friday, hot cross buns for brekkie, the sun was still shining and we went out for lunch, in the afternoon my aunt and mum came round to learn how to paper piece a crazyblock (photo's to follow) but unfortunately when mum got home, the hospital had phoned about my gran (dad's mum) and the hospital thought it best that mum and dad made plans to get over to England...life sorta went on hold then, we were waiting for phonecalls, trying to get them to UK in time, worried they wouldn't make it  etc etc.... DH took me out to lunch so I wouldn't have to cook and that the kids wouldn't be too disturbed.  I planned a little easter egg hunt for them on Sunday morning, before I went to bed on Sat night and Amelia was soooooo excited.  My brother came round for Easter Sunday dinner and we just sat waiting really for my parents to phone.  Finally, in the afternoon my gran passed away, it was for the best, she had been ill for months and has been battling diabetes for 30+ years, heart problems for 15+ and many associated complaints due to the diabetes.  Lots of sorting out for my parents and my bro and I are looking after their animals here and trying to sell their RV/Motorhome .....arghhh its all go here. Will probably not go to the funeral as its likely to be just as the school holidays start and we had made plans to go to the seaside.  I haven't been able to put my mind to much and got one block from the New York beauty finished, one nearly done and i'm still 2 or 3 blocks behind...will post photos tomorrow and link up for Rhonda's finish a long
Until tomorrow...


  1. Sorry to hear about your Gran. Even though it is for the better, the loss is still painful.

  2. So sorry to hear about your Gran. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  3. I'm so sorry too about your gran but like you said, she suffered and now she won't be any more. Hugs.

  4. Sorry to read this. Hope you are ok. Thinking of you xxx

  5. Hi Pippa for some unknown reason I am not getting all my blog posts on time, this has just come through to Reader (along with 120 others!!) its a nightmare. I am so sorry to hear of your Gran it's awful when you are so far away. My Father-in-law died nearly 3 years ago and it was a mad dash for us to get there before he died. Hope everything is getting sorted now. Also just lost my gmail account .... definitely something wrong with Google..... Linda x


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