15 April, 2012

my Aurifil entry

Here's my entry to Lily's Quilts 
big huge Aurifil competition.... it originated really from me watching the F1 race this morning, the love of the sport, the vivid colours, smells, sounds and it was my passion before patchwork.  I've visited Ferrari in Italy and as a huge Schumacher fan was a ferrari supporter for many a year.....
It might not be a bad thing that Aurifil are Italian as well *grin* so here it is...

Also, if you want to get to my blog, you can go direct to www.pippaspatch.com now as DH has finally configured my DNS and Domain name :O) see it does help to be married to a techie now and again *grin*


  1. Love your Aurifil choices and your inspiration, how cool and unique! :o) (wish my hubby was more of the techie type)


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