02 April, 2012

Layer cake,love em or leave em? ???

I've always looked at layer cakes and worked out you get just under 3 yards of fabric...which is why I've never bought them, 3 yards for 35$ !!! mind you fabric prices have gone up, the problem is my stash isn't big enough that I've ever paid much more than 9$ a yard and usually it's nearer 5$  :o)
But I bought Poppy makes fugly layer cake (panache) from her and yesterday looked around for an easy pattern. I came up with Jenny Doan's double sliced layer cake.  I love the fabric, the choices you get with the layer cake, I think I had 2 repeats...so 40 different fabric colourways/designs, so it's not quite as bad, I couldn't have bought that especially with US shipping.

I've got more ironing to do and then block placement, sew them up and I'm hoping to get to flimsy stage today but we're waiting on news about my Grandmother who's been ill for some time and at 85 years has decided she can't cope on her own anymore, she was admitted to hospital yesterday so sewing plans might go out the window.

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  1. I don't tend to buy the layer cakes much.

    Best wishes to your grandmother.


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