02 April, 2012

First flimsy of April :)

Layer cakes rock.... after spending probably an hour or two maximum yesterday and 4 hours today, I've got a flimsy finish, it's currently 55" x 63" but hasn't got any borders, problems with borders are....1, no more fabric, 2, the frame will only take a maximum 64" in it's current setup and I really don't know if I can be naffed making it bigger and moving it into the lounge....was thinking a little 1 inch plain border and then perhaps a 2 inch patterned followed by another 1 inch.... or just get it on the frame and quilt it as it is, especially as I don't have a clue where it's going to go or what we're doing with it...perhaps a motorhome quilt
  I love the colours of it, so many very different mixtures, especially for me :) there's some dots, leaves, big big flowers...totally yummy fabric.

Closer shot of some of the blocks, needs a good iron though and I have to start thinking about backing fabric

Am linking up for Manic Monday @sewhappygeek  as it has most certainly been a very Manic Monday in this house:)

what have you all been upto ??
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  1. Hmmm. For some reason my mind is thinking 2 borders, one skinnier and then one a bit wider. The blue, red and brown blocks are the ones that are calling to me, but which combo I haven't a clue. I'm sure whatever you do will be great.


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