29 April, 2012

Sun in April ??? NAHHH

It's true, after a great March, it's solidly rained for the last 2 weeks, it's grey and miserable but tonight I'm looking out of the window at blue sky, I'm hoping it's set to stay for the next week as the kids have one more week on holiday.

I'm still reeling from the cold/flu bug I brought back with me from the UK....trying to pull myself together but it's really tough still atm.  We're also upset as a family as one of our 4 cat's has *disappeared*... Zing is just under 2 years of age and our first male kitty, he went off the day the kids and I left for England and now 12 days later we're becoming resigned to the fact he won't be meowing to come in the window. Sizzle his son, who we've also got has stopped looking for him.... sad sad times...

On the sewing front, because I'm ill and depressed and it's near my birthday :O) I've been fabric shopping... This arrived while I was in the UK, I needed Panache to finish the fugly layer cake quilt and isn't the birdy fabric just too cute for words.  The fat quarters were from a surprise pack so not my choice but some lovely fabrics in there.

Then I ordered 6 scrap bags from Hawthorne threads, which has already been shipped so hopefully might be here towards the end of the week....and remember I had the 25$ gift voucher from my win at Annies so I had to buy some moda solids, lots of 1/2 yards just so I know what colours I like :O)

Naughty susan from canadian abroad posted about Moo Cards, so of course I checked them out... and then thought oh god I have to have some mini cards...why, well to send out with giveaways, block exchanges, round robins....and should I ever decide to sell anything, I'll pop them in.  Should anyone want to buy some if you use my code http://www.moo.com/share/yqtdrk/ you'll get 10% discount, they ship worldwide and are very reasonable, I even got a sample pack of business cards free.  I uploaded my own designs but theirs are to die for, much better than my piccies but next time :O)   and now I'm looking for a mini moo holder tutorial :O)

My mum was chucking this away, it was something my gran had some stuff in, so I  grabbed it, great box for threads or projects in progress

I missed patchwork club while I was away and I know Susie (she's in her late 80's, not really as stuffy French as she could be, she's from martinique, loves spicy foods and is adorable) will be waiting for the 50 yo yo's I have to make so that she can assemble the yo yo bear I sorta conned her into making for me LOLOL.... so last night I traced, cut and then took them to bed to sew,

I'm now upto 35, so hopefully will get the other 15 done tomorrow... should be a cute little bear when she's finished.

Talking of pink....

26 April, 2012

quick update

I'm home, I've brought the fluey/cold bug back with me and will catch up later, I was thrilled to find out I'd won a Petite Odile charm pack from Finding Fifth while I was away and this morning I'm waiting to find out if Clare Worthy and myself are going to get our hands on the Aurifil Quilt Patchwork and Embroidery Threads clear threads we've been lusting after and hoping to win in a giveaway will become ours, I entered Sew Cal Gals fantastic Aurifil giveawayy, Quilticchiando con Alex Veronelli had given her such a good thread bounty to share among the patch working world. Because I travelled to go to UK to my grandmothers funeral I missed the winners blog post and only got home last night...fingers crossed she hasn't picked another winner yet :O) will let you all know when I hear :O)
I had some fabric arrive so I can finish the Panache quilt and some fat quarters and extra yardage, need to order some moda solids as well. I collected my birthday present from dh too, some lovely sizzix alphabet letters but i'm not opening them until my birthday, bought a tumbler cutter (perhaps will use the Petite charm pack).
My laptop was also getting old and tired, so DH let me buy a nice new PINK !!! one...yup never thought he'd agree and being a techie it's tax deductible and gets written off after 3 years so its more a necessity than a luxury...well sorta :O) will take a photo when I find the camera.
The funeral went off really well, we had a bright sunny day and my gran had a good send off. We spent a lovely afternoon at the rare breeds farm and handled lots of pigs, chickens, lambs, sheep, horses, etc etc...my boy also took part it pig racing (will try and work out how to upload a video) was really really funny and boy can those pigs run
We've come back with lots of british bounty, bacon, biscuits we can't get here, baked beans, cheddar cheese and some british sausages...as I'm feeling ill what do u reckon dh has suggested for lunch, bacon, egg, sausage and beans.... hmmmm

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18 April, 2012

Never again

I'm sitting in the kids area on the ferry watching 6 kids jump around on rubber puzzle pieces, 2 of which are mine.... Never again not a calm crossing, plus the sea is a bit of choppy. But I'm sitting thinking the carpet would make great patchwork fabric

15 April, 2012

my Aurifil entry

Here's my entry to Lily's Quilts 
big huge Aurifil competition.... it originated really from me watching the F1 race this morning, the love of the sport, the vivid colours, smells, sounds and it was my passion before patchwork.  I've visited Ferrari in Italy and as a huge Schumacher fan was a ferrari supporter for many a year.....
It might not be a bad thing that Aurifil are Italian as well *grin* so here it is...

Also, if you want to get to my blog, you can go direct to www.pippaspatch.com now as DH has finally configured my DNS and Domain name :O) see it does help to be married to a techie now and again *grin*

14 April, 2012

Quilter in the Gap 2nd quarter of the 2012 Finish a long

Here's my UFO choices for the 2nd quarter,

I've still got the Christmas sew a long to finish, just one block, its an angel block and i'm determined to get it done this quarter. I'm thinking it'll just be sashed in red then, bordered and quilted in the ditch.

Finish the perle quilting on the fugly wall hanging and get it bound and ready to hang next spring :) lol

I really need to get a shift on with my SBS quilt so I'm pledging to get 10 blocks of my SBS done, so its a minimum one a week ;O) I know its not going to be a valid finish for the quiltalong but it helps me to have a goal :)

I'm not adding in my other quilt that I started on April 1st but it may well end up becoming the ufo for next quarter because i'm struggling to find the Panache fabric that I need for the borders *sob*

Saturday stutterings

I'm back, still struggling with time and worrying how I'm going to find time to so everything that needs doing.  I've done some of the New York beauty blocks but I'm probably 2 or 3 weeks behind still, not going to stress about it though, here they are atm, will square them up at the end of the 12 blocks when I decide how I'm going to arrange them.  

The kids and I are off to England on Wednesday to help my mum and dad with arranging the wake and to go to my gran's funeral, we'll also spend a few days shopping and having a little holiday.  Hopefully, might get in some fabric shopping.  I've ordered a sizzix tumbler die so some charm packs or a fat eight pack, I'm really keen on the Putting on the ritz with the colourways grey/pink/blue and am thinking it would make a cute tumbler quilt for Amelia's  birthday in October.
The charity quilt is being raffled (I think) today so hopefully someone will win it who'll enjoy and snuggle underneath it

10 April, 2012

not awol but struggling with life atm

Just a quickie because some lovely people have emailed to ask am I ok ;o) you know who you are..wink wink

I had a lovely day on Friday, hot cross buns for brekkie, the sun was still shining and we went out for lunch, in the afternoon my aunt and mum came round to learn how to paper piece a crazyblock (photo's to follow) but unfortunately when mum got home, the hospital had phoned about my gran (dad's mum) and the hospital thought it best that mum and dad made plans to get over to England...life sorta went on hold then, we were waiting for phonecalls, trying to get them to UK in time, worried they wouldn't make it  etc etc.... DH took me out to lunch so I wouldn't have to cook and that the kids wouldn't be too disturbed.  I planned a little easter egg hunt for them on Sunday morning, before I went to bed on Sat night and Amelia was soooooo excited.  My brother came round for Easter Sunday dinner and we just sat waiting really for my parents to phone.  Finally, in the afternoon my gran passed away, it was for the best, she had been ill for months and has been battling diabetes for 30+ years, heart problems for 15+ and many associated complaints due to the diabetes.  Lots of sorting out for my parents and my bro and I are looking after their animals here and trying to sell their RV/Motorhome .....arghhh its all go here. Will probably not go to the funeral as its likely to be just as the school holidays start and we had made plans to go to the seaside.  I haven't been able to put my mind to much and got one block from the New York beauty finished, one nearly done and i'm still 2 or 3 blocks behind...will post photos tomorrow and link up for Rhonda's finish a long
Until tomorrow...

04 April, 2012

Wednesday...where did it go ????

It's been one of those days... DH had the nurse come at 8am for a blood test, so I woke up early panicking because I'd fallen asleep without setting the alarm...6.20am :O(   so we were up and dressed, then my aunt needed a courier urgently so I sorted that, wanted to get on with my easter project, cook dinner, get ready for patchwork club, answer emails...la la la la
22.36pm and I've just about got the business stuff sorted out, the easter project finished and answering emails, ready for the fun to restart tomorrow.
I did get some very nice things in the post though, the first was from Clare at  dordognequilter  and it's lovely and will be hanging in my sewing room tomorrow morning :) thank you soooooooo much
My phone isn't taking great pictures, its a lovely yellow and dark green, perfect for my sewing room:O)
I received the first block in the modern mini round robin...it's beautiful and from Wendy at why-knot-kwilt it's a lovely cheerful block and i'm now putting my thinking cap on :O)
And now to the easter project, I saw it on GFC, Kitty from weirwoodstation had a perfect quick project that I knew Amelia would enjoy and I could get done, I did make some adjustments to kitty's tutorial, but basically it's the same.  Wax crayons on fabric was really fun, I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids..and now we have an Easter runner to place on the lounge table on Friday :O)

Tomorrow is french lesson's day, then I'm making more hot cross bun's so we've got them on friday, did you see the photo of the trial batch we made on Sunday...no !!! oh here you go then ;o) 

Friday, luckily the kids are at school, Good Friday isn't a day off here in France and after lunch out, I'm going to attempt to teach my aunt and mum how to paper piece a crazy block.... oh and I need to find time to make a Simnel cake ;O) life's certainly busy and crazy in this household atm....

Have a great evening

02 April, 2012

First flimsy of April :)

Layer cakes rock.... after spending probably an hour or two maximum yesterday and 4 hours today, I've got a flimsy finish, it's currently 55" x 63" but hasn't got any borders, problems with borders are....1, no more fabric, 2, the frame will only take a maximum 64" in it's current setup and I really don't know if I can be naffed making it bigger and moving it into the lounge....was thinking a little 1 inch plain border and then perhaps a 2 inch patterned followed by another 1 inch.... or just get it on the frame and quilt it as it is, especially as I don't have a clue where it's going to go or what we're doing with it...perhaps a motorhome quilt
  I love the colours of it, so many very different mixtures, especially for me :) there's some dots, leaves, big big flowers...totally yummy fabric.

Closer shot of some of the blocks, needs a good iron though and I have to start thinking about backing fabric

Am linking up for Manic Monday @sewhappygeek  as it has most certainly been a very Manic Monday in this house:)

what have you all been upto ??
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Layer cake,love em or leave em? ???

I've always looked at layer cakes and worked out you get just under 3 yards of fabric...which is why I've never bought them, 3 yards for 35$ !!! mind you fabric prices have gone up, the problem is my stash isn't big enough that I've ever paid much more than 9$ a yard and usually it's nearer 5$  :o)
But I bought Poppy makes fugly layer cake (panache) from her and yesterday looked around for an easy pattern. I came up with Jenny Doan's double sliced layer cake.  I love the fabric, the choices you get with the layer cake, I think I had 2 repeats...so 40 different fabric colourways/designs, so it's not quite as bad, I couldn't have bought that especially with US shipping.

I've got more ironing to do and then block placement, sew them up and I'm hoping to get to flimsy stage today but we're waiting on news about my Grandmother who's been ill for some time and at 85 years has decided she can't cope on her own anymore, she was admitted to hospital yesterday so sewing plans might go out the window.