14 March, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

It's a beautiful day here today and has been since Monday which is why I haven't been blogging, I've just been enjoying the sun.  Today the kids played outside *digging*  while I made home made minced beef and onion pies for lunch.  
Then I managed five minutes to finish off my Block 5 of the New York Beauty Quilt,

Side by side

It wasn't quite as accurate as the first block because of the way I ironed my points before attaching the outer arc, but I know for next time.... do you like it ???
not perfect alignment of points


  1. It's gorgeous. Don't worry about the points. It's liberated!

  2. ooh! I like , I have done the first 2 with a white background... may change to a dark next time ... I say I have done it...the top is done ,waiting to be quilted and become a cushion xx

  3. On my clogger dashboard the summer of your post ended with "while I made minced bee!" I was horrified!

    Love how Clare always says things are 'liberated' lol, I haven't made mine yet, but I am sure mine will be 'liberated' too!

  4. Those blocks are lovely! They have a Native American look to them.........the Sun, I guess.......Very nice!


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