07 March, 2012

where did Wednesday go....

Was a bit of a wasted Wednesday, food shopping with Amelia this morning then quickly made this pin cushion, not a great photo... need more lightbulbs in the lounge.... it was a chicken pin cushion except Amelia has decided its a great beanbag and she's calling her Mrs Cocker !!! I had a giggle to myself....tomorrow we may make more of the family, I found the tutorial at Quiltscapes quilting  Tomorrow may be more of the Angry Bird colourways 

Then I had patchwork club, I only went to collect money for my batting purchases, so did a bit of the fugly spring panel quilting. My perle cotton arrived earlier in the week and this tin is 2 layers deep and I've still got another 20 in the other bag :O)

I didn't have a suitable tin so when I saw this in Aldi's I thought...ahh great perle tin, problem was it was full of Danish Cookies.. yum yum so much for the diet !!! the other problem as you can see is I need 2 tins... may need to go to Aldi's 

Such a pretty tin for the sewing room

I also love the self threading needles, I've never tried them before and bought a pack for my mum as she struggles a bit with threading the small needles...but she's not getting them, they are fantastic for the perle thread, just push down and it's threaded...definitely going to be a staple in this household if just for perle :O)
Am liking the perle alot, will try take a piccie of WIP tomorrow when theres more light, I was only going to do a bit of stitching on the panel but have now decided to donate alot more time and effort, so the aim is to get it finished for Spring 2013... its going to be my patchwork club take a long ;o) 
Tonight i'm hoping to have a go at some paper piecing and next week its getting to flimsy stage of the charity quilt, only have 4 weeks left to get it finished

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