20 March, 2012

Tuesday twitterings

It's Tuesday, it's the 20th March and officially the first day of Spring.
We had wonderful 25C the whole of last week. It all changed on Saturday and was a balmy 8C until today, temperatures are creeping up slowly, hopefully in time for next Saturday as I'm watching Jacques play football and prefer to do it in fairly dry and sunny weather :O)

It's been manic here because my parents and brother broke down on their way back home and so have had their return delayed until the car gets fixed, I'm looking after their animals for a few more days but it means running back and forth and not much time in between.

I did find time to piece the back of the charity quilt and we loaded up the frame yesterday, I'm probably a third of the way through quilting it now.  I'm using aurifil cream thread and hope I don't run out before i'm finished... god that frame or machine is frustrating, I can do a whole run without any thread breakage and the next run across 3 or 4 breakages...the tension is fine, I did change the needle and found it was better and also tried to level the frame a bit.  I'm trying to go with a big doodling type quilting, it's not the same size but it seems to look ok :O) and it's a charity quilt and a learning curve for me at the same time.

Now for the pictures, along with a fairly long story....
About 18 months ago, members of the SBS yahoo group decided to do a round robin quilt based on Sylvia's Medallion quilt, It was my first proper adventure into paper piecing and I loved it, I was really pleased with my centre block

 and we all worked to the same pattern but could add in fabric or provide my own, mine went to 3 other people who all added bits on, unfortunately the 4th person to have it went AWOL, myself and some on the board, emailed her, snail mailed her (thinking something bad may have happened) and after waiting months and months, the board members decided that Angela who had the awol quilters quilt would put the last but one border on and send it to me, I would get her quilt.... The last border was a crazy border and the board moderator actually made the blocks for me and sent them to Angela who attached them all and sent me the finished quilt.  I hadn't looked at the posted pictures and this arrived yesterday morning

 The colours are so vivid, I'm not a batik fan except when its chosen by someone else. It's very large and i'm trying to work out where it should go, it's too large for a wall but too small for my bed, too gorgeous to be a snuggle quilt...I'm also not sure I have the ability to quilt it, I really don't want to ruin everyone's hard work so i'm contemplating sending it to a long armer... decisions decisions....So there are lovely quilting angels out there who go above and beyond what anyone can expect of them and there are also some unpleasant quilters out there too.

And finally, I am still receiving entries and new followers, so welcome to all my new friends and I hope we get to know each other better in the weeks to come, I've only just finished the blog hop today and am eagerly awaiting Sunday morning and all my notifications of what I've won LOLOLOL shall we place bets, I think perhaps I'm going to win 2 things :O)
I have had lots of no reply blogger entries but hopefully as some of you are followers I will be able to track you down somehow, otherwise mr random may be busy.

Tomorrow it's Wednesday and here in France this mean no school for the kids of Primary and under age,for me that means patchwork club and getting Jacques to football.  Are any of you doing anything exciting tomorrow ???


  1. your quilt is beautiful, it is always dissapointing when someone who signs up to do a project "drops out" and lets others down. There are lots of spaces that could be quilted as well as the stars that can be used as basic shapes xx look forward to seeing what you decide to do xx

  2. Sounds like you have one busy time going on. Your quilt is stunning. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the quilting!

  3. Beautiful quilt..can't wait to see it all done. :o)

  4. It's gorgeous! Hoping to beat you on Sunday. We'll compare! xx


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