18 March, 2012

Sunday Morning

Wow, what a wonderful day... I'm overwhelmed by the number so far of entries and I never really imagined people would want to follow me when there are so many more talented and interesting blogs around... the pressure is on now to keep you all... perhaps it was that my bribes were so yummy you couldn't resist :O)
I hope by now I've replied to everyone who's entered so far, unless your a no reply blogger.

My St Paddy's day was frantic and exhausting, my parents are in the UK for a flying visit so i'm looking after their dogs and cats, was awake and at their house for 7.25am, then had to pick up a friend who's helping us with a stone wall, then pick up Amelia to go to the bricohouse (DIY shop) some food shopping and home, prepare lunch, blog hop d through to m and then go back to let mum's dogs out, come back and make dinner... See exhausting...
And there was a virtual retreat on one of my yahoo groups, this one is to do with die cutting and so I got out my sizzix, gave me a great chance to play with the leaves and flower die I got...
Clare don't be sad I used a piece of the hand dyed...will reserve your piece, and came up with this, I'm thinking I'm going to turn it into a cushion for my quilting chair, problem is the cats all moult and love sitting on cushions...
I appliqued them on with a little applique machine stitch (my edges are improving) and today I want to sit and embroider the Pippa's Patch on and quilt the veins on the leaves etc with my perle cotton...

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding here for lunch, parsnips, broccoli (with a splash of lemon juice) carrots, spuds (roast potatoes)  and some roasted garlic and red onions.
Oh a side note, I'm a very big Formula 1 fan, it was my life before I met my DH and had the kids...I was very fortunate to be able to go to a few races and even visit a team for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.. so fantastic driving in qualifying but bad luck  in the race Schuey


  1. Aren't those cutters just great!! I got The Go!Baby for Christmas...love it

  2. Sounds like you are super busy! Love your flower AND your meal sound delicious!

  3. Cute cushion! Love Sizzix dies!! TFS

  4. Great giveaway! My favorite spring green thing are the little daffodil shoots out in my yard! I know shortly the flowers will be blooming!

    Now, year round favorite green item are the green with white polka dot bowls I have in my craft room.

  5. I also became a follower!

  6. Those cutters are amazing! They are so fast and accurate.

    Dinner sounds yummy!


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