01 March, 2012

Nice Postie

I've been a very lucky girlie, last week I received a 25$ gift certificate to my favourite fabric shop Fabric Shack from Annie from rubyslipperz, this was instead of the 5 fat quarters that I won earlier in the month, it made perfect sense to me as I get to choose and it helps Annie with the shipping cost which would be the same if she sent me 5 fat quarters or 8 yards :O(  why does shipping have to cost so much, here it is MUCH more expensive than the US

Then my name game mini quilt arrived
Gorgeous wrapping

Isn't it cute, she's done really well too as I know she's a beginner, she's also a busy mum, a machine break down and a bereavement during the swop so I'm really thrilled with what she's achieved.  It's a bit too big to put on my window frame so I'm hanging it on my sewing room main wall.

Then the beautiful heart arrived from shesinthestitchingcoop I thought it was going to be a small heart but its about 10-12 inches, truly beautiful and the detail of little buttons, pieces of lace is gorgeous.  Amelia wants it in her room, it's lavender filled and truly a fantastic prize. 
Here's the back

So even if I'm not sewing i'm still getting lots of lovely sewing pressies :) I'm also waiting to hear if I won anything on the leap day blog hop giveaway, I visited 52 sites I think it was...no wins yet but we'll see :)


  1. It is beautifully done and I'm always a sucker for blue and white.

  2. What a sweet quilt and pillow! Annie is super isn't she!


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