08 March, 2012

New York Beauty Quilt Along

Yup, I have too much on my plate already but I was tempted and tempted some more and thought, ok if I can be good and only make the one block each week, I should manage ok... so I've signed up for 


 and this week was block 0, I had a spare hour so got busy and decided on the 4 bug pieces of fabric and moda black...will go check if they have one more colour,

Plus i
so anyway here is the finished block I'm only doing one of the blocks, as I want to use 3 colours and black and won't have enough fabric, (the bottom does have it's 1/4 inch) it's just i'm rubbish at taking photos lol.....

I think it looks like the sun, DH didn't really comment... I love it anyway
Can't wait for next weeks block...more of a challenge

god i've just looked... the blocks  and look at next weeks.... ARGHHH

so am thinking black for the red and blue bits... the orange perhaps for the yellow bits again and green and blue for the black and white... think I may need to order more orange if they've got some :)

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  1. Wow, that looks difficult, Pippa, but you did great!! Will enjoy watching your collection of blocks grow. :o) xo


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