09 March, 2012

Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin

Michelle from quilts from my crayon box is doing sign ups for the Modern Mini Mystery round robin...

here are the rules :)

This won't be your typical Round Robin. Oh no, nothing typical for me. I prefer to add my own bit of quirkiness to a lot of things I do. I want it to be modern and fresh, not something you would have seen in the 1980s. Plus most of us are uber busy so I want to keep it small, wall hanging or table topper size. And my financially responsible side also wanted to keep it mega cheap to participate in, so lots of you will want to join the party. (The accountant part of me always has a say in these matters you know.)
The details you ask? I'm getting to that! Okay, okay since you beg, here it is:
 *You will make a 6 1/2" unfinished center block. Modern, Fresh, Fun! Brights? Only a couple of colors? A whole rainbow? Neutrals? Whatever you want! You will mail it to the 1st person on the list in your group.
*To the center you receive from someone else you will add ONLY a border, between 1" and 2" finished MAX. Each border can be a simple single fabric or it can be a mini pieced border, your choice. You could instead add (2) 1" finished borders, again your choice, but no more than 2" finished total. Your fabric additions will be minimal, likely no more than a FQ. You can purchase something that coordinates with what was already added or pull from your stash.
*You will have one month to receive the current month's mini from the previous contributor, add your part and send it on to the next person. You must be diligent on mailing on time so the next person has enough time to do her (his) part.
*Finished size of the top will be between 16 1/2" to 20". 27" to 34" (Oops! Thanks Annie for catching this little math boo-boo). Keeping this small means that it can be mailed in a padded envelope, keeping the postage costs down to a minimum (and hopefully avoiding customs for our international players).
*8 participants per group. If more than 8 people join in GREAT! We can have more than one group going. International participants welcome.
So I bet by now you are wondering "Where is the Mystery part of this Round Robin"? Well...I like to be a bit sneaky and I'm great at keeping secrets. I hope you all are too. This will have not 1 but 2 levels of mystery involved.
Mystery #1 - Unlike in a typical Round Robin where the owner sends all the fabric to be used for the rows being added to her (his) center block, the owner will have no say in what colors or fabrics get added. Each participant will make that decision. The owner can send along a note mentioning a general scheme or where the finished wall hanging will be placed to give everyone in the group a little direction, but the ultimate choice of fabrics/color/style will be up to each person in the round. If you choose to join in, you agree to accept the fact that you will have absolutely no control over the rest of the parts. Thems the rules!
Mystery #2 - Once the owner sends the center to the 1st person on the list, she (or he of course) will not know who else will be adding to it. I will email that list to the 1st person. So until the owner gets her (his) top back in December, there will be no knowledge (or emailing in the background with suggestions) by the owner to the other participants possible. (Except for me of course since I will putting the groups together, but there has to be some bonus since I came up with the idea and am hosting it. Believe me, I won't cheat! I really do prefer surprises.)
Sound fun to you? I hope so. In the end you will receive back a mini wall hanging/table topper that you can finish any way your little heart desires. I for one am needing something lovely to decorate the bare walls of my new studio. 
Doesn't it sound great, I'm not sure yet if I'm allowed to show you my centre block... its different for me and one of my new fabrics that I love, along with some of that dreaded B***K word.... I'm going to start looking at some thin border ideas to add to it. 1-2 inches is pretty small 
I've managed to sneak an hour of sewing again today, I've made two wonky cross blocks, I was reading about them here and thought ahhh that look easy and I was trying to be liberated, because I'm sending them to Clare at  quilts 4 leukaemia and she's the queen of liberation and always saying I need to go with the flow and not be so accurate.... here's the blocks

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