14 March, 2012

Flimsy finish :O)

Yup, I've managed to find a few hours to cut, pin, sew and iron and have now got to flimsy finish stage on the quilt that we're sending to DH's boss who will sell/raffle/auction/give away to raise money for Parkinsons disease, his wife has unfortunately suffered from some time and was diagnosed as having early onset parkinsons...

Here's the flimsy
and i've decided for the first time ever i'm going to piece the back...here's what I was thinking

and then the binding in the yellow from the borders...

It's not perfect, my squares on the edges are not good, but it's a charity quilt and I hope someone likes it.

I'm going to load it up on the frame and do some free motion squiggles all over it I think...trying to decide on thread colour, white, cream, light grey or perhaps the teal/blue but I don't want to be changing thread all the time and am worried about the pieced bits and teal, any advice ??

ohh and update I just got an email to say I'd won a pattern from BasicGrey, I only entered this giveaway from During Quiet Time last night. :) how cool is that !! 


  1. Have you got any darker colours you can use for the binding? I think yellow is going to be too insipid. Just my 10 centimes worth.

  2. I bought pink binding originally but DH doesn't want it to have turned to girl quilt, then I was using some of the leftover squares but haven't got much.I might buy some yardage for it...Im just a bit worried about going different colour, I like matching :O) will see once ive quilted it

  3. It looks great! I'd just go with cream for the quilting. Congratulations on your win :)


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