30 March, 2012

Finish it up Friday :O)

Sorry I haven't been in blogland this week, with being ill and having Amelia ill and then my boy Jacques was ill with a lung infection, so all of us were on antibiotics, no school all week...la la la la

The weather here has been wonderful, 20C+ all week, so I did do some hand stitching outside while watching the kids play on the trampoline, madness is next week it's due to go 9C and snow showers on Good Friday !!!

I looked through my finish along wip's and realised my spring quilt wasn't done and one christmas stitchery, so I got busy and put the spring quilt on the frame, I realised I didn't want it to be too big and wanted a sitting at sewing machine with cold legs quilt, or Amelia and I snuggling watching tv, sitting outside on a spring evening.... BUT I made  a few major mistakes and I'm happy with the quilt but not thrilled.... I used polyester batting which definitely contributes to bunching on the quilting and I bought some backing fabric which felt like cotton in the shop but as soon as I got it outside I could tell it was poly/cotton... so it's a bit shiny feeling.  For better quilting I need 80/20 batting and cotton backing.
I did some general FMQ and after 2 hours was sewing on the shop bought binding. Anyway, enough talking here's the piccies
My new stone wall has also caused hassles and was wip last week ;o)

ready for the sunlounger

too nice for a tablecloth

Backing, lesson learn't
II also made the cushion back and finished off the Valentines sew a long stitchery so that's done... I adapted it and added on my kids name, along with mine and dh's...I'm struggling to find an oblong cushion though so might have to make one next.

So all I need to get done for the Finish a long is the angel stitchery....do you think I could manage it tomorrow.... we'll see eh :O)
I'm linking up to the Finish a long and TFIFF is at Finding Fifth


  1. oh and if alex is reading it....I quilted it with Aurifil white :O)

  2. Ooo that spring quilt looks so good on the sun lounge and wall. I know what you mean about bunching up with the wrong kind of batting...and you just have to keep on going. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF I really appreciate it and your kind comments. Au revior. Fiona

  3. I LOVE your spring quilt, Pippa! So bright and pretty. Snow showers? Ugh. It's supposed to be spring! Glad you're all on the mend. :o)

  4. Well you certainly can't tell that it gave you challenges -- it looks great, Pippa! Fun bright colours and fabrics -- perfect for spring. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF, Pippa!


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