22 February, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Lots of lovelies have arrived in the post in the last week :O)

Apart from my aurifil threads and my dies.. I also got my fugly fabric from Poppy Makes, its the panache layer cake and ohhh I'm keeping my eye out for a great pattern for it, ...and I won the spring panel from her other fugly fabric How can this gorgeous panel be FUGLY !!!! So I grabbed the sizzix and with DH's help cut the 2.5" strips, one cut and all 8 strips were done, once I get the hang of making sure the fabric is being folded correctly, it is going to save soooo much time and I won't have woggly strips, so before taking JP to the speech therapist, I got busy pinning on the strips and sewing them...even managed to get it batted and backed beforehand and when we got home, I stitched around the ditch of the border and the lines that on the piccie are black are now aurifil cream and we're ready for more quilting... I was thinking some perle cotton hand stitching *I know me handstitching...argghhh but it would be a cute project to take to patchwork class* and there are lovely swirls on the flowers, the cherries and apples... the birdies all asking for some stitching.  What do you think ?? any inspiration for me ???

My hand dyed fabric from quilt hexie arrived, its really gorgeous and its going to be a very special project that uses this fabric, perhaps not in the short term, I need to use it properly.

Last week I started the country Block of the month from the french magazine Quilt Country, this one needs stitching around the applique and some embroidery for names, signs, etc etc....its supposed to be two ladies taking their machines to the quilt shop, it doesn't really look anything yet but once I get busy on the applique I'm sure it'll fall into place. 
Then I've spent all day Monday unpicking, resewing, trying to add sashing to the bosses quilt, I'm half way there and hope to get a bit more time to spend on it, perhaps on Friday, from there on in I won't get much done because its half term fortnight and the kids are home.   It's not thrilling me but its nice enough, bit of a weird feeling, perhaps its just because I know it needs to be finished by April and it feels like a rush.  So sashing and then borders, will post pictures before the borders because i'm not sure it doesn't need a different colour to make it pop a bit more... ahh well enough wittering, I'm linking up for WIP Wednesday :)


  1. Visiting through WIP...your country block is darling!

  2. That Spring panel is perfect for a wall hanging for a little one's room or a baby quilt :)

  3. Yeah for fabric!! Looks like you're going to be busy :)


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