16 February, 2012

Thursday twitterings

Just a quickie, We've got water WHEYHEYHEY... you don't realise how much you miss something until it's gone, we started defrosting yesterday afternoon and after boiling another bowl of water to wash up, heard some gurgling at 9pm and yup the water was back on and fully defrosted. Great news for us all, I was too overwhelmed to take a shower last night but oh it was beautiful to have a lovely warm shower this morning and wash my hair in my own home *bliss*

Been busy catching up on the washing and drying, changing the beds...but I did get time to make this little tweet for a friend in the UK, her daughter is 2 ( I thought it was end of feb )and she told me yesterday its Monday...so after french lessons this afternoon, got busy and an hour and half later and 21 colour changes this little beauty was born

I just put some backing on and shoved a quick bit of binding on and it's ready to go in the post tomorrow morning, let's hope it can get to her for Monday but if not it'll be a tuesday pressie :O)

On Valentines I made the kids some of the little hearts I'd seen around blogland but typically of me I left it too late and could only get huge red sweets which made it impossible to sew around so not a great success, the kids seemed to like them but next year i'm looking for red skittles or m&ms

and I also managed to get my name quilt binding on and that's going in the post tomorrow too, the person doesn't blog, doesn't post on the flicker group but she does post on the quilting board but i'm going to put the pictures here anyway as its highly unlikely she'll see them, it's reversible and from what I found out on the net she likes purple and has a beagle...so that's why there is an embroidered beagle on the sewing machine (hope it is the same woman)  and I'm looking forward to receiving mine in the next month.

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