19 February, 2012

Scratchcard Saturday and Sizzix Sunday...

The postman has been nice to me again, lots of lovely goodies arrived on Friday...

The courrier from my brothers arrived with my lovely sizzix dies...can you see the 2.5" and 1.5" strip piecing dies...my sashing and binding should be straighter now :O) plus I've read you can recut the strips to make them into 1.5 and 2.5" squares, should save some time.
I am amazed at how quickly it cuts through the layers, I'm definitely ordering the tumbler block, some hexagons and a 5" block for my birthday.
I went out on Saturday to buy some card for Amelia to make the swizzler thingie.

2 of the Aurifil spools, there were on promo 30% off so I bought some light grey and cream for piecing, I've read that light grey is very popular so I thought i'd give it a go.

The box of batting is for me and for the patchwork ladies, trying to do them a favour ends up giving me a headache...

I've been looking at how to make little labels to put on things using twill cotton and fabric printing sheets, we've got a colour laser so I was planning on buying an inkjet as I didn't think we'd get the laser printing sheets easily.  So off to the big town we go on Saturday afternoon, I bought a 2e scratchcard and won 10e :O) so I bought another one for 2e and won another 2e :O) but the queue was so big so I didn't bother swopping it for another card.  We went to do our shopping and lo and behold I found laser fabric paper:) so no need for an inkjet, carried on and on our way out I decided to swop my scratchcard for another 2 1e tickets.  My little boy said mum, scratch it off here cos if we win big how do we get our winnings, I've never won more than 10e so I wasn't really worried...we'll come back I said..
We get to the card and I scratched off one of the tickets...rien, nothing :(
then I scratched off the final one, number 7 appears... I said to my DH, think i've won 50e !!!! then I scratched off the next number...it's another 7, scratch off the amount another 50E !!!!! the final number was a 3 so no win, I'm shaking, checking the rules (remember its in french) yup I said to DH, I'm pretty sure I've just won 100e... you'd better go claim it then babe and off to the fabric shop we'll go :O)))
I did go to the fabric shop but just bought a new cutting mat as i'd ironed mine earlier in the week and its got a huge warped bit, also bought some twill tape for my labels and treated us to McDonalds.... :O)
So yesterday was a very lucky scratchcard day.

Today, promised Amelia we'd make the swizzles, it made 3 swizzles in one cut :O) and then she proceeded to decorate two with glitter gel glue and little jewels, which one did I make ????

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  1. Who's a lucky girl! Which scratch cards? We need a lucky break. The chauffe d'eau has packed up!


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