01 February, 2012

nice postman.....

Look what my nice postman gave to me today, he didn't bring me my big shot from Sizzix, I'm getting irritated now, it's 3 weeks since I ordered it and I knew it was 2 weeks...but no communication from the company is not good.

but he did bring me 18 yards of fabric :o) my cupboards are very nearly full. I love the Hoffman purple with the leaves...and the red,green,blue,orange has little ladybirds on it.  The yellow, aqua are also scrummy...
I'm going to try and knock up a small twister for my name game swopper, especially as no one commented on it, (so I'm thinking its a no....im sorta inclines that way to) so it'll be a twister with her name (i've looked and found out she likes purples so perhaps the hoffman) and I may use the completed
one too for the other side.


  1. Your killing me. I'm on a fabric/fabric stores diet right now. Paying off debt to be debt free by april. I guess I shall vicariously through your joy. Hugs.


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