13 February, 2012

Monday Madness

The cold weather continues, we've now been without a running tap in the house for 15 days, without water anywhere in any of the buildings for 4 days...oh and now the toilet wastepipe has frozen up... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR luckily we have another toilet that's not frozen but lugging bottled water up to flush it is a pain... it was supposed to all thaw today and it started but looks like it'll stop fairly soon as it's dropped to -1 again. First time in 15 days its been to 0 though so thinks are looking up :O)

Kid's went back to school after a week off due to bad weather and we're about to pick them up soon, hope everything went ok for them. 

And this is my sewing update :-


 I got busy yesterday with embroidery machine and this pretty valentines is now adorning my sewing room...

I've been busy quilting and making binding for my name swop mini quilt :O) I'm hoping to finish it on Wednesday at patchwork club and finish sewing the binding.

Last week I appliqued the hearts onto a square block,  my machine applique needs some practice around the smooth edges on these, it is getting better and I know I need to fuse them because alot of the problem was they shifted as I was sewing...note to self fuse before using the big shot... so now we've got a pretty Valentines pot holder :)  Amelia is very happy about it....

The sew along is coming along, got some hearts to embroider and some wording to put on the bottom right and then it's finished, won't be done for Valentines but I'm hoping I might get it done in the next week or so.

Now for the exciting part :-
I've won a cross stich pattern from victorian motto samplers
I've won five fat quarters from annies ruby slipperz and I won a beautiful patchwork heart sachet from shes in the stitching coop


  1. Great Monday, with all the things you won! Love your first embroidery work!

  2. oh dear I hope it warms up for you soon xx

  3. We're thawed out, but no water in the main bathroom due to burst pipes. Fixable! Pool still frozen solid, but at least is are now +3 and can hav showers, etc, in the guest bathroom.

    Only prob is now Saur have reduced the water pressure! Grrrrrrr!

    Lovely hearts - they look fine to me. Keep warm. xx


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